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Covera Airport employee training on hold

Source: La Verdad - Wed 7th Mar 2012
Covera Airport employee training on hold

Murcia and Fuente Alamo Town Hall's have not yet issued any contracts to provide training for employees of the new Corvera International Airport, which is located within the two municipalities.

The process is still at the tendering stage and should lead to the creation of jobs for 250 people. Half of the finance for the training of these jobs will be provided by these two municipalities. However, the Director General of Employment and Training Service (SEF), Gines Martinez said yesterday that the process is on hold for the moment.

The issue will be revisted at the end of April, when training companies will be contracted once negotiations between AENA, San Javier to civiland Aeromur should have been completed.

Martinez explained that the training of the 500 sucessful applicants will be complete within a matter of months, and will be specific to the role applied for. The most intensive of positions will require 200 hours of training which can be completed in 2 months. As such the completion of staff training will enable the airport to be operational for the summer.

The training will focus on twelve occupations and will employ 250 permenant staff members with 250 in reserve.

The technical and managerial staff will be employed by another party. The positions will be provided by AENA staff members being transferred from San Javier. The regional government and both airports are as yet unsure of the exact number of workers wishing to transfer.

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