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Changes to NIE Procedure

Mon 19th Mar 2012
Changes to NIE Procedure

The have implemented a number of changes in the way in which the NIE number (Number Identification de Extranjeros) is awarded by the provincial Police Station (Comisaría de Policía Provincial).

Up until very recently the NIE certtificate did not need to be renewed as it did not expire, however they will now expire after 3 months and have to be renewed personally - It will no longer be possible to get a Gestor or Lawyer to do this for you by means of obtaining power of attorney from you.

This follows similar changes implemented some months ago, whereby the process of applying for a first NIE Certficate must now also be applied for in person.

Thanks to Perez Legal Group for providing Tumbit with this information.

Comment on this Story

I have a white A4 nie paper, obtained 17 years ago, have lived here all this time and pay taxes, in health system etc. I’ve heard rumours that I need to renew? Do I need to anyone?
Lynn - Thu, 22nd Nov 2018
I am a British Citizen I wish to work in Spain I need NIE number urgently - Who can sort this for me and what are the costs ?
Zahid Bhutta - Sat, 25th Jan 2014
i stay in spain on dated 10 june 2013 with my wife and 2 child. my schengen visa has been expire before 2 month so can i get NIE number
B P Raval - Mon, 9th Sep 2013
Hey! Mr Grumpy! I was hoping you'd see this....another source of info for your next blog? You keep me sane in this crazy overadministrated, lets make life as difficult as possible for residents from overseas country!!!
Lisa - Mon, 19th Mar 2012
Spain : Why bother streamlining things and making stuff easy, when you can complicate a process and confuse the bejesus out of everybody instead ?
Mr Grumpy - Mon, 19th Mar 2012
I have had my NIE number for nearly 6 years now so will I have to renew mine...? I also have recedencia
Susan Everington - Mon, 19th Mar 2012
I've just asked my lawyer and he's not only not heard of this new modification, he also says it would be impossible to do!
Zofia - Mon, 19th Mar 2012
I too was told that residency wasn't necessary. I've lived in Spain for 4 years now and was told (by a notary) that the NIE certificate is the same as residency. I've never needed anything else, and have bought property, registered as autonomo, got kids in school here etc. What is a residency card actually for?
Zofia Coulton - Mon, 19th Mar 2012
But if it's not published anywhere how are people supposed to find out? Is it everywhere in Spain?
Zofia Coulton - Mon, 19th Mar 2012
Hi do you get this residency card ? I recently had to get a new NIE certificate and was told that as an EU citizen I would never need to apply for residency (I live in catalunya)
Lisa - Mon, 19th Mar 2012
Dear Keith I am afraid to say that this is the situation now. Normally they dont publish in anywhere as its not a new law, is only a modification in the process and is continuously changing. Best solution is to apply for a certificate of residency which contains a defintiive NIE number and does not expire.
Raquel Perez - Perez Legal Group - Mon, 19th Mar 2012
I have just had a trawl through Spanish Government sites and various other sites and cannot find any confirmation of this. I can not imagine a 3 month renewable NIE as a possibility having been through the procedure it is certainly not the easiest.
Keith Lynwood - Mon, 19th Mar 2012
They have got to be joking!!! All this will do is encourage more EU citizens to live without papers "en regla" Or is that the idea??? Is this the govts way to get rid of us tax paying residents??? What a load of cojones......
Lisa - Mon, 19th Mar 2012
Actually I've seen a few articles recently saying that this is not actually true. I certainly haven't heard anything....
Zofia Coulton - Mon, 19th Mar 2012
3 months? Have to apply in person? Are they having a laugh!? queued for 21/2 hours to get mine, after which, I was told I was in the wrong queue, despite having asked! Now I have no transport, so I have no idea how this nonsense will be possible to execute!
R. Davis - Mon, 19th Mar 2012

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