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Half of all 'Historic Memory' citizenship applications approved

Mon 2th Apr 2012
Half of all 'Historic Memory' citizenship applications approved

Recent information has been made available by the Department of Foreign Affair and Cooperation, with regards to the application for Spanish Citizenship through the 'Ley de Memoria Histórica' (Law of Historic Memory).

The law, which was approved in late 2007, gave a three year period - which ended in December last year - whereby applicants who met certain criteria could apply for Spanish citizenship.

Non-Spanish citizens whose parents or grandparents fled the Franco regime in Spain for political reason between July 18, 1936, and Dec 31, 1955, or those who had renounced their Spanish Citizenship , were able to apply to become Spanish citizens once more.

A total of 503,439 people, most of them in Latin America, made such an application at Spain's 183 foreign consulates, of which 241'763 have already been approved.

94.8% of all applications - 477'462 in total - were made from Latin American countries.

92.3% of all applicants (464,858) were the children of those who fled Spain, while just 6.3% of applicants (32,141) were the grandchildren.

It is estimated that once the process has been completed, Spain will have granted citizenship to 400'000 applicants.

The government in Madrid has already issued 164,509 passports to people who requested them once they had been granted citizenship.

This news follows a report issued in October of 2011 by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), which revealled how the population of Spain was falling year on year , and estimated to be as much as 1 Million lower by 2020.

Comment on this Story

How long will it take to wait? Hasta cuando? Muchos gracias...
Art Garcia - Fri, 12th Apr 2013
Art : I don't believe so - I understand that each case is reviewed on its merits and handled induvidually, with the applicant being notified singularly.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed, 30th Jan 2013
How will one know if his/her application for Spanish Citizenship through the Law of Historic Memory has already been approved? The figure on this article/story released 24th April 2012 is very laudable with its high rate of approval. Is the list of the approved applicants posted at their respective consular offices? Thank you in anticipation of your response through my email address..
Art Garcia - Wed, 30th Jan 2013
My application for Spanish Citizenship was filed December of 2011 in compliance with all the requirements under 'Ley de la Memoria Historica' at the Spanish Consulate in the Philippines. Expecting that before the end of December 2012 my application will be granted.
Arturo L. Garcia - Sun, 30th Sep 2012

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