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Ministry of Health to Charge Pensioners for Prescriptions

Source: Cinco Dias - Wed 18th Apr 2012
Ministry of Health to Charge Pensioners for Prescriptions

Ana Mato, the Minister for Health, is due to speak in parliament today to propose that those in need of medical prescriptions from the state pay a contribution towards the cost.

The Autonomous regions currently take responsibility for controlling their own healthcare budgets.

The Minister is proposing that the amount payable increases from 40% of the cost to 50% where the recipient earns less than €100'000 per year, rising to 60% if earnings are beyond that sum.Pensioners, who currently get their prescriptions for free, will pay 10% of the prescription cost. Pensioners on high incomes will pay 20%.

However, the Government has also put measures in place to protect those with a chronic illness.

Despite objections from the Pharmaceutical industry, the Healthcare sector and consumer groups, the Cabinet is expected to approve the measure this Friday, and then introduce it by Royal Decree. Ths measure alone is expected to result in the saving of €1 billion, and just one of a range of healthcare measures expected to save €7 billion per year.

The Ministry of Health is also looking into ‘health tourism' by both EU Citizens resident in Spain,and those who use the Spanish healthcare system while here on holiday.

Comment on this Story

Peter : Whilst many UK Expats are able to qualify for free Spanish State Healthcare, this does not include free prescription charges. Expats are not being penalised here - the new ruling applies to Spanish Nationals aswell.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed, 4th Jul 2012
Thank you for your quick response. There are a few things I do not understand : I thought the British Goverment paid for my Medical treatment to the Spanish health service, and why have the British Goverment not informed us that the Spanish Health Service could possible be taking money off us ?
Peter Thompson - Wed, 4th Jul 2012

Peter : Yes, unfortunately it does - but how much will depend on the region you live in and your personal wealth / income. You can find out the latest by clicking Here.

Tumbit - Admin - Tue, 3rd Jul 2012
Does this apply to british pensioners who are in the spanish health, because my friend who is also a pensioner went for her prescription yesterday and was charged 5.60E. My wife and I are both pensioners and in the spanish health system, my wife has parkinson's and I have had a heart by-pass, so we both take a lot of medicenes so a clarification of this would be most helpful!
Peter Thompson - Tue, 3rd Jul 2012

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