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Flybe scrap debit card charges

Fri 27th Apr 2012
Flybe scrap debit card charges

Flybe have revealled a new £9m marketing campaign to distance itself from 'negative perceptions' of low-cost rivals such as Ryanair.

Their 'Making Flying Better' campaign will promote a major overhaul of the airline's pricing policy in an attempt to offer transparent, honest, all-inclusive pricing with more generous baggage allowances.

Flybe is also scrapping debit card charges and will start charging credit card fees for whole bookings rather than for individual passengers.

When booking tickets online, passengers will note that the current 'economy' ticket will make way for a lowest fare 'essentials' ticket and a 'new economy' ticket, while the top tier 'economy plus' will be retained.

The airline is also planning summer trials of free in-flight TV programming and entertainment through onboard wi-fi on a number of aircraft.

Simon Lilley, Flybe UK's marketing director, told the Daily Echo that the "fundamental review" of the airline's product and brand positioning was the "biggest change we've made as an airline since we created the brand in 2002".

The airline, which is forecast to have make a loss in the year to March 31 of £8.5m, said it was working on plans to increase revenues per seat, delivering cost reductions and better matching capacity to demand.

Since its launch in 2002, the company has increased from 44 routes, 28 aircraft and 2.6 million passengers to operate 211 routes, with a fleet of 83 aircraft carrying 8.5 million passengers.

The airline currently offers flights to Alicante; Madrid; Malaga and Palma from a number of different airports in the UK.

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Comment on this Story

Thanks Guys. THE BACKGROUND TO THIS CLAIM is as follows: Between 2003 and Nov 2008 we were regular customers of FLYBE, booking on average 12 to 14 flights per annum on line. However we increasingly found that “extras” were being “slipped in” by FLYBE during the booking process, or on the final price we ended up paying when using various VISA and MASTERCARD DEBIT CARDS, and this almost every time we booked. This was a culture that we and all other customers of FLYBE were forced to accept if we wanted to be able to travel via most of their monopolistic locations and because these “hidden extras” by their very nature were (and still are) relatively small to pursue, chasing reimbursement is cost prohibitive, phone calls costing to FLYBE numbers in those days anything up to GBP 1.50 Vat per minute, and FLYBE’s customer service quoting (and still do) 28 days to answer customer correspondence.
Tony Evans - Mon, 29th Jul 2013
Interesting stuff Tony ! - Please let us know how you get on, it would be useful to share your experience here.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon, 29th Jul 2013
Been charged between 7 and 14 euro’s (or £6 and £12) when using both UK and European DEBIT CARDS since 2008, even though FLYBE clearly state QUOTE " Flybe does not charge for the use of debit cards" and yet they slip on these extra charges (having us agreed the booking at a lower first) hoping as they are small amounts we will either not notice, or not bother to complaint. Had enough, so a few days ago l filed a claim in the County Court for a total of GBP 1,515.04 plus damages and costs. Once l have a judgement (and l cannot lose as l have DEBIT CARD statements, Contracts and the cards themselves backing up each payment and debit from my accounts) l intend to make public knowledge their fraudulent sharp trading practice and will ensure both UK and the Spanish consumer trading standards follow this through in the interests of protecting the paying general flying public. Please those of you who have had this problem and realise it, email me on with some details.
Tony Evans - Mon, 29th Jul 2013

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