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Corvera Airport "on hold"

Sat 19th May 2012
Corvera Airport 'on hold'

An anonymous source at the Ministry of Public works has confirmed that developments at Corvera International Airport are currently "on hold".

The opening of the airport, privately owned by Aeromur and to be managed and operated by state-owned AENA, is believed to have been blocked for "military reasons".

The unnamed source went on to say how, aside from economic reasons, the operation of the airport has been suspended at the eleventh hour due to the importance that the Murcia area, has in offering security for Spain, Western Europe and NATO in the event of a nuclear threat.

Although this has still to be officially confirmed by government sources, if done so it will bring questions as to why this issue has only been addressed at this late stage in the proceedings and after millions of euros in private and public investment.

It is perhaps inevitable that parallels are going to be drawn with Castellon airport.

Comment on this Story

Just a after thought to my post yesterday if anyone is in any doubt that the current airport fiasco in spain is new, politcians with grandiouse plans to erect edifices to give them some sort of meglomanic immortality, then look no further than ''Canfranc Station'' completed in 1928, click on the link below Why does nothing suprise me anymore!!!!!
David Hudson - Thu, 23rd Aug 2012
Update on the Corvera Airport farce:- I have just recived a promotional email from Jet2 saying they have opened bookings for flights to Murcia San Javier Airport for the 2013 summer season, the heading on the top of the email reads:- ''Murcia San Javier airport flights operating as normal for summer 2013'' Perhaps there is still hope for the Murcian Government to have a theme park they can use the newly built Corvera Airport as a ''Jumbo and the Jets'' childrens cartoon show theme park!!! What a sad state of affairs a airport that no one wanted and that the people of Murcia could not afford, people doing Robin Hood raids on supermarkets, to take food to feed the starving and millions, if not billions of tax payers hard earned money, wasted on a usless project that no one at the planning stage even thought about consulting the Spanish Air Force about its location and its feasibility. Shame on you local politicians of the Murcian Govenment.
David Hudson - Wed, 22nd Aug 2012
Spain is in a very deep recession, The coffers are empty and the government is broke, currently paying 7% on its debts soon will be going cap-in-hand for a further multi-billion euro bail-out. Theme Parks do make a profit, even the most successful take 20 years to break even. The Paramount project if ever completed within the next 5 years is never going to generate the projected boost to the regional economy for years, if not decades to come.The Corvera airport is a white-elephant, it is not needed and makes no economic sense.
Michael Clough - Thu, 31st May 2012
I drove out to have a look at the new airport to see where it was and how much further it was from Torrevieja, well its in the middle of nowhere and miles from anywhere. Well done Spain another airport that is not needed and that is in a useless location miles from anywhere, aeropuerto Castellón take 2!!!!!!!
David Hudson - Thu, 31st May 2012
Is it April Fools day?? or just government fools
Croham - Tue, 29th May 2012
The tens of thousands of us who live or have holiday homes along the Costa Calida and Mar Menor love flying in and out of Murcia MJV. Its a great airport that has seen massive investment to upgrade the facilities to an international standard:additional runway, new control tower and infrastructure, hugely enlarged passenger tÇerminal and improved facilities at a reported cost of more 30 million euros. The facilities are now first-class and fit for purpose. It is well used and has greater capacity. To close MJV after all that has been done will be a scandalous waste of public money
Michael Clough - Sun, 27th May 2012
I wonder what implications there will be here for the Paramount theme park ? Not good I shouldn't wonder.
Peter Harris - Tue, 22nd May 2012
Yet another "cock-up" at the final hurdle !
J Timpson - Sun, 20th May 2012

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