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Increase in Spanish cycling accidents linked to recession ?

Source: El Pais - Sat 9th Jun 2012
Increase in Spanish cycling accidents linked to recession ?

The Mapfre Foundation Institute for Road Safety has published a report, which shows how Spain is the worst offending country for the fatality of road cyclists involved in road accidents.

Over the course of 2010 a total of 67 fatalities occurred on Spain's roads, representing an increase of more than 20% on the previous year. A further 564 cyclists also obtained 'serious injuries' as result of being involved in road traffic accidents.

The majority of the fatalities involved accidents on highways.

Alfonso Triviņo, spokesman for the Professional Cyclists Association, noted that the increase in fatalities corresponded with the economic troubles that the country is currently contending with : "The crisis has forced people to ride to work on bicycles and the politicians still don't understand the need to build bike lanes".

Ireland, Latvia and Belgium fell behind Spain in the survey, but cyclist deaths in those countries were attributed mostly to bad weather rather than being road traffic accidents.

Comment on this Story

This figure is probably not as high as it first seems when you consider the thousands of cycling groups that travel to Spain every year to practice their so-called sport. Although 67 as a number seems excessive it would perhaps have more relevance as a percentage.
Mr Grumpy - Mon, 11th Jun 2012
It is because there are more people taking up cycling and they have not got a clue about there own health, as the idiots are cycling along roads with lorries driving past them at 120km h and they look at the lorries ans stubbornly shout what the f###k are you doing, has anybody seen a highway code booklet for Spain??
Geoff - Sun, 10th Jun 2012
Another reason why it should be compulsory for cyclists to have some form of insurance when traveling on Spamish roads
Vic Richardson - Sun, 10th Jun 2012

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