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El Hierro Earthquake Update : 25th June

Mon 25th Jun 2012

As the current and on-going Earthquake swarm approaches it's 1 year anniversary on the 17th of July, activity on the Island over the last 24 hours show that the Volcano may still have a few more tricks up it's sleeve.

Scientists from the Government-run National Institute of Geology (IGN) have recorded a total of 49 Earthquakes and Tremors since Sunday Morning, with magnitutes ranging from 1.8 ro 3.8 on the richer scale, and with depths ranging from between 17 to 22 kms.

The relative depth of the tremors meant that just 3 of the 49 acivities were felt on the surface of the island - the most recent taking place at 09.03 GMT this morning at an intensity of 3.8.

As with the earthquakes recorded over previous weeks and months, the majority of the activity was recorded toward the South and West of Frontera.

Off the Coast of La Restinga to the South of the Island, the underwater Volcanic cone has increased production of Volcanic gases, indicating that it may be about to move into a new phase.

So far, PEVOLCA scientists observing activity on the Island have not released any official statement.

Read previous news stories about the El Hierro Volcano by clicking the link HERE .

Whist Volcanic activity on and around the Canary Islands is quite common, prolonged activity such as currently being experienced, often causes concern to supporters of the 'Armagedon theory'. It is widely held that an explosion of the Volcano on the neighbouring island of La Palma could cause a giant Tsunami which would have the potential to devastate much of the eastern coast of the USA.

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