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Castellon Airport will welcome first flight 1st Jan 2013 : Fabra

Tue 26th Jun 2012
Castellon Airport will welcome first flight 1st Jan 2013 : Fabra

Carlos Fabra, the President of Aerocas, has named the date when the first aircraft will land at Castellon airport as the 1st of January 2013.

Fabra declined to give the name of the airline who he claims will fly to the airport, although it is thought that it will be the same commercial freight airline which just 2 weeks ago he claimed would guarantee 1'000 flights per year .

The President of Aerocas, the company behind the development of the airport, also confirmed that he was in negotiations with a group of Arab investors, Technicians and Engineers, together with the Ministry of Development where he would work to ensure that the process ran smoothly and to open before that date if possible.

Castellon airport officially opened on March 25th 2011. Assuming that the planned first flight does arrive on January the 1st 2013 it will have made 21 months without a single arrival.

Comment on this Story

having bought a lovely apartment in alcossebre and now lost my husband. it is too arduous to make the train journey from valencia..i feeli have to sell my property but am unable to do so in the current financial climate. if the airport was open i could enjoy what years are left to me in spains lovely climate. like others please open soon !
Mrs P Mckinna - Sun, 13th Jan 2013
I fail to understand why incompetence, corruption and mis-management should be "congratulated"
P Coulson - Sun, 8th Jul 2012
The 1st time my wife and I were in Alcossebre was in April 2004 and since that 1st day we have been in Alcossebre at least 4 or 5 times a year. When we heard about Castellon Airport we were so excited, and we continue to be excited. Right, so we have no flights so far, well, so what. When Castellon Airport does have flights arriving and departing, I'm sure the people who shall make this happen should be congratullated on what they are doing AND what they have done to make this happen. Those who grunted and groaned shall melt away and we can start to enjoy what this area deserves. I say thank you to those who shall and have made this happen. Ramsay Ramsay Beattie Knaresborough Celtic FC Club President
Ramsay Beattie - Sun, 8th Jul 2012

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