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Watermelon Harvest Promising As Heatwave Continues

Tue 3rd Jul 2012
Watermelon Harvest Promising As Heatwave Continues

As the temperatures continue to soar cross southern and central Europe, Watermelons are proving to be an indication of how well agricultural exports are doing around Spain.

Over the last 3 years, poor weather in the UK and the rest of Europe, hit watermelon farmers hard, effectively meaning it was too expensive to harvest them given the low demand and ultimately low market prices. Thousands of tones of watermelons had therefore been re-ploughed back into the land to save on costs.

However, record temperatures this year are improving demand as thirsty shoppers look for a refreshing treat to quench their thirst.

With demand and market prices currently high, crisis hit farmers have some respite knowing their harvest will yield a good return on investment.

Watermelons usually require little care and attention apart from good irrigation. Costs soar when harvest time comes as it requires a lot of sweat and muscle from laborers.

A typical watermelon laborer can expect to earn around 60-100 per day, but the work is not for the faint hearted. Working in extreme temperatures, arid conditions and exposure to the sun even at the hottest parts of the day, often well above 40 degrees, can kill most people. However these hardened individuals somehow press on knowing their financial rewards will compensate them and of course a few watermelons to take home for the family.

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