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Petrol up by 5 on same week 2011

Source: Cinco Dias - Sun 29th Jul 2012
Petrol up by 5 on same week 2011

The cost of Petrol and Diesel in Spain has already increased by an average of 5.07% and 6.82% respectively, during the month of July after registering a further increase in the last week, according to Oil Bulletin European Union.

A Liter of Petrol has increased 1.92% since last week to reach an average of 1.43, while diesel has increased by 2.99% to reach 1.38.

When compared to the same week of 2011, prices are up by 7.18% and 7.73% respectively.

In relative terms this means that a 55 liter tank of Petrol now cost 78.65 this week (an increase of 4.5 on 2011), with diesel increasing to 74.25 euros (3.6 more than in the same week in 2011).

In the year up to last week Petrol, which first exceeded the 1.40 euros the week of February 20th,has increased by 3.31%, while diesel, which exceeded 1.30 euros in April, increased by 0.15%.

However, these price increases have not been influenced by recent changes to the cost of crude oil, which is currently trading at $105 per barrel - way below it's 2008 high of $146.

These prices are still below the average cost for 95 Octane unleaded Petrol across the 27 EU member states - now at 1.645 per liter, with a liter of Diesel costing an average of 1.468.

Comment on this Story

I expect that it will increase further still this year, with the Politicians justifying the rise as Spain still having petrol prices below the EU average.
Mekon - Mon, 30th Jul 2012
Motorway Tolls; University Fees; Gas ; Electricity; Phones; Airport Taxes; IVA and now Petrol Increases - All at a time when those lucky enough to have jobs are having their salaries cut.... Happy Days !!
Mr Grumpy - Sun, 29th Jul 2012

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