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Petrol up by €5 on same week 2011

Source: Cinco Dias - Sun 29th Jul 2012
Petrol up by €5 on same week 2011

The cost of Petrol and Diesel in Spain has already increased by an average of 5.07% and 6.82% respectively, during the month of July after registering a further increase in the last week, according to Oil Bulletin European Union.

A Liter of Petrol has increased 1.92% since last week to reach an average of €1.43, while diesel has increased by 2.99% to reach €1.38.

When compared to the same week of 2011, prices are up by 7.18% and 7.73% respectively.

In relative terms this means that a 55 liter tank of Petrol now cost €78.65 this week (an increase of €4.5 on 2011), with diesel increasing to €74.25 euros (€3.6 more than in the same week in 2011).

In the year up to last week Petrol, which first exceeded the €1.40 euros the week of February 20th,has increased by 3.31%, while diesel, which exceeded €1.30 euros in April, increased by 0.15%.

However, these price increases have not been influenced by recent changes to the cost of crude oil, which is currently trading at $105 per barrel - way below it's 2008 high of $146.

These prices are still below the average cost for 95 Octane unleaded Petrol across the 27 EU member states - now at €1.645 per liter, with a liter of Diesel costing an average of €1.468.

Comment on this Story

I expect that it will increase further still this year, with the Politicians justifying the rise as Spain still having petrol prices below the EU average.
Mekon - Mon, 30th Jul 2012
Motorway Tolls; University Fees; Gas ; Electricity; Phones; Airport Taxes; IVA and now Petrol Increases - All at a time when those lucky enough to have jobs are having their salaries cut.... Happy Days !!
Mr Grumpy - Sun, 29th Jul 2012

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