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Gov't report slams Castellon Airport

Wed 1st Aug 2012
Gov't report slams Castellon Airport

A recently released hard-hitting report paints a gloomy picture for the future of Castellon Airport - assuming of course that it opens as promised, by Jan 1st 2013.

A detailed study of the Tourism sector of Castellon was recently undertaken by the Ministry of Labour's Observatory of Occupation department. The annual report concluded that excessive property development - including the airport - has been focussed around the 'unrealistic expectations' of tourism sector in the province.

The document notes that these expectations were based on the 'boom years' when Castellon was promoting a number of world class golf courses, on the back of which they hoped to sell a number of off plan properties, launch a niche tourism industry and operate a financially viable airport. Five years down the line the many developments remain unsold, the Golf courses un-built, the tourists nowhere to be seen and the airport un-operational.

The study concludes that gamble failed due to "a lack of total sector modernization", and that Castellon was "in a poor competitive position" compared to other provinces.

Data for the report was obtained from the Public Employment Service, the National Institute of Statistics, the Valencian Employment & training Service, and other public bodies, and found that the sector has other problems, such as "a heavy reliance on the domestic market."

Comment on this Story

I am fed up reading about the problems Spain has got, we are in the same boat. Why not open the airport and get some planes landing then do all advertising you can. Why not sell it to Europe ?
Pauline - Sat, 19th Jan 2013

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