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Spain's third Electricity hike of 2012 to be backdated

Mon 6th Aug 2012
Spain's third Electricity hike of 2012 to be backdated

The cost of Electricity (consumption) will be increased by around 10% next month, with charges being backdated to March of this year.

This follows the increase in the cost of electricity (supply) on the 1st of July of 3.95% and an increase of an average of 6% of the 1st of April.

The combined 2 increases to supply of Electricity, together with the increase in the consumption price of electricity and the increase in IVA (which will only be applied from the date of IVA increase) means that residents will now have to pay 50 Euros more than expected to cover backdated period.

This increase will also apply even to clients who are billed by third parties, but whose electricity is ultimately supplied by State-owned provider, Iberdrola.

Comment on this Story

Thanks Robster that is what I thought.
Morbob - Thu, 6th Sep 2012
As far as I am aware the backdated surge just applies to the consumption and not the fixed charged - although that has already seen an increase in charge earlier on in the year !
Robster - Wed, 5th Sep 2012
Is this just the unit charge that this 10% increase and back charge applies to?
Morbob - Wed, 5th Sep 2012
LOL, I notice that Renault are now giving away one of their Electric vehicles for every purchase of one of their Petrol vehilces. They were originally intended as being affordable cars, but before long running a Petrol car will probably be cheaper than charging an Electric battery !!
Karl P - Fri, 10th Aug 2012
It's an absolute damn disgrace and I question: Do I really want to continue living in Spain? I have lived here for over 15 years, but don't feel that I can afford to any more - even if I wanted to.
Carol Bell - Mon, 6th Aug 2012
I gave a false (much higher) metre reading before the July increase. I guess a lot of people did this too so now they are backdating the increase. Now, I will just consume less power. When the IVA increase goes into effect, I will buy fewer goods (from Spain). The government wonít get a penny more from me. Maybe those eBay sellers in Hong Kong with free shipping will though. When will they learn? You canít tax yourself out of a recession. I just feel bad for the local businesses that wonít be getting my trade anymore. As long as wine prices stay low, I will be happy.
Philip - Mon, 6th Aug 2012
The interesting thing here Ed is that the demand for Electricity in Spain has now fallen for an 11th consecutive month (Click HERE ) - which means that there are fewer and fewer people paying off the electricity deficit, which - if this decline continues - means that the Gov't will probably have to keep on putting the prices up. It seems to be a vicious circle that they haven't so much as contemplated (oh, and people are already earning less and less money )
Tumbit - Admin - Mon, 6th Aug 2012
What ??!! Is this even legal?
Ed Bishop - Mon, 6th Aug 2012

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