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Corvera airport opening "on schedule"

Sat 18th Aug 2012
Corvera airport opening 'on schedule'

The President for the region of Murcia, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, has once again expressed his confidence that Corvera Interantional airport will be operational before the end of 2012, but that the required licences, certificates and final documentation must be issued and signed off before this can happen.

However, regarding the issue of the arrival of the AVE high speed rail network to the region, he was less optimistic and declined to speculate about dates.

Speaking about the AVE, Valcarcel went on to criticize the former Minister Jose Blanco, who he blamed for making changes to the network stretch between Cartagena and the city of Murcia. Although the original plans were halted, proposals for the new proposed route were never finalised.

Regardless of the AVE glitch on the Cartagena section of the project, the President maintained that both the arrival of the AVE and the opening of Corvera airport would have a positive effect on tourism in the region.

Comment on this Story

Its about time we heard less talk and saw more action!! for Gods sake get on with it!!
Phil Ackland - Thu, 11th Oct 2012
Today 22 August 2012 I recived a promotional email from jet2 saying that they werev taking bookings for flights to Murcia San Javier Airport for summer 2013. So it seems there is a lot of fog about who is telling the truth? Perhaps you could try knitting it Pesermistic and un-ravel the fog ball mystery!!! What a Circus and a farce.
David Hudson - Thu, 23rd Aug 2012
As was pointed out on Twitter : Is this the 2008, 2009, 2010 or 2011 schedule that is "on-course to be met" ?
C Timpson - Tue, 21st Aug 2012
If you believe this.... you can knit fog !
Pessimistic - Tue, 21st Aug 2012

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