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Ryanair secrecy over unexplained flight procedures

Thu 30th Aug 2012

Further to the interest received by our article last week following an unexplained event on a Ryanair flight from Alicante to Bristol, Tumbit has spoken to the passenger who reported the event to us to see if further information has been forthcoming.

As previous contributors to the comments below the original news article have suggested, it is quite likely that the events were due to some mundane procedure, however this does not explain the lack of communication to passengers by the airline crew to that effect.

The passenger, who asked to remain nameless, told us further details about the flight :

"After the cabin crew checked under our seats the plane prepared for departure, but everytime the plane hit a bump or turned whilst taxiing, the tanoy system would crackle as if there was a lose wire or something."

"Even once airbourne, the crackle could be heard, then the seatbelt signs flickered on and off several times during the flight, again sort of like a lose wire and no instruction was announced for people to return to their seat like if there was turbulence or something".

Describing the flight further, the passenger explained that "on approach into Bristol, the plane weaved left to right almost like a stunt pilot dipping the wings either side as part of their display. But the worst was the landing".

Of course, it is far from unusual for aircraft to bank during an approach, often directed to do so by air traffic control as part of the approach pattern, however the weaving from side to side can only be described as unusual.

As the plane approached the runway, passengers onboard could see the plane was coming in quite fast, which alarmed many of the passengers. "I've flown a few times with Ryanair and most landings can be quite hard, but with this landing we bounced and swerved across the runway... It was really scary!".

Ryanair operates a fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft which by design makes them prone to particularly hard landings, especially in windy or bad weather conditions as pilotss attempt to land them firmly on the runway. On this occasion however, the weather was overcast but no noticable wind or bad weather.

The Irish airline is quite well known for hard landings and any search engine search for "Ryanair hard landing" will return several results including videos taken by passengers.

However, aside from the odd procedure before take-off and the turbulent flight, the questions continued : "When we pulled up to the terminal, we were mer by 2 fire appliances who pulled up along side us and several security personnel on the ground".

The passenger managed to record some footage of the event on their mobile phone, which we have verified with Bristol airport >>>

Once again, Ryanair did not respond to our request for an explanation.

Speculation is that the airline is reacting promptly to any such event whilst the investigation by Spain's Ministry of Industry - which could see them lose their licence to operate in Spain for 3 years - is on going.

Do you have any interesting experiences with Ryanair or any other carrier to and from Spain? If so, Tumbit would love to hear from you! Please contact us and tell us about your experiences...

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Comment on this Story

I was on flight FR8297 Alicante to Bristol. I agree with everything in the article. I have written to Ryanair to complain as I have actually suffered "Whiplash" caused by the landing. I recieved a letter from them(Email) stating that the landing was not a hard one. (They stated that they had investigated it) I am considering taking legal action against them and would like contact details of anyone else who was on this appaling flight. p.s. I was told by my doctor that I have knotted up in my right shoulder, neck and back, something to look forward to is that its going to get worse before better. I will never fly with this uncaring, inconsiderate bunch of rank amatures. Regards David aged 56
David Ellis - Tue, 7th Mar 2017
We have travelled many times to our apartment in spain. Flying to Alicante but more often to Murcia. I can say that apart from the odd delay...usually by air traffic control that we have had no unusual incidents whatsoever. Without the very frequent and great value flights that Ryanair operate (even if its like a flying convenience store) we would not be able to visit our apartment as often as we have enjoyed over the past 6 years we have owned it!
Jeff Hall - Fri, 26th Jul 2013
Came back from Palma Mallorca last week to Bristol came down with a hell of a bump and short of runway !
Steve - Fri, 26th Jul 2013
I have a 4 week old baby Ray : I consider myself fortunate to be able to get to bed before that time, let alone get up : )
Tumbit - Admin - Sun, 2nd Sep 2012
ok, point taken. I forget that not everyone gets up at 5am like me. My apologies.
Ray C - Sun, 2nd Sep 2012
Ray : There is no Rat involved ! Your comment was not deleted for the simple reason that nothing goes live until moderated. Please excuse us if we were unable to immediately jump onto this at 07:45 on a Sunday morning.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun, 2nd Sep 2012
How very strange that a post that I submitted praising Ryanair has been deleted. I smell a rat !!
Ray C - Sun, 2nd Sep 2012
I am sick and tired of hearing condemnation of Ryanair as me and my family regularly travel between our home in Spain to see our relatives in the UK and I can only give praise to this company. 40 years ago I paid 200 to travel from Luton to Gerona and now my whole family can travel from Madrid to Manchester and return for LESS than that figure, albeit I have to choose the dates very carefully. My son arrives from the UK on September 16th and the total return fare was 54 because I booked his flight early. Nuff said !!
Ray Cash - Sun, 2nd Sep 2012
It could be anything with this lot - nothing would surprise me any more
C Shaw - Sat, 1st Sep 2012
I would have thought that with all the bad press arising from the various incidents (and the investigation) that they have had in August means that they don't want to draw any further attention to themselves. Probably just something and nothing !
Richard Branson - Fri, 31st Aug 2012

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