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Spain to cut influence of regions in education

Source: El Pais - Sat 15th Sep 2012
Spain to cut influence of regions in education

The Central Government of Spain has unveiled a new draft law which proposes changes to the proportion of the School curriculum set by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

The Central Government currently determines around 65 - 75% of the school curriculum in the majority of regions, falling to 55 - 65% in the regions which have their own language, such as Valencia, Catalonia and the Basque Country.

This reform was originally put forward as a pledge by the PP in the 2011 pre-election campaigns.

In an interview with state television network TVE on Thursday, the minister responsible for education, José Ignacio Wert, said it was "not acceptable" that the current system "ended up providing 17 different education systems."

The reform will also set exams at the end of compulsory secondary education and the pre-university Bachillerato course; create a new stage within the compulsory secondary education, known as basic Professional Training; support the financing of public single-sex schools and allow administrations to change working conditions at public education centers.

A draft bill of the proposals is expected to be put before Congress in the next few weeks.

Comment on this Story

@Mr Grumpy - You are missing the point! Re: one of your last blogs, you yourself mentioned you didn't think teaching Valenciano was of any benefit or use to your child!
Ed Bishop - Sat, 15th Sep 2012
@Sr Bishop : I would have to disagree. For one, schools in areas of Spain which have a regional language seemingly have the ability to opt in or out of teaching in their language of choice. In one town they may teach Valenciano, whereas in the next they may teach in Castilian. Secondly can you please tell me in specifc and exact terms what "advantages" may be enjoyed by a child who has been educated in Welsh : either as a 1st or 2nd language ?
Mr Grumpy - Sat, 15th Sep 2012
@Mr Grumpy, maybe... However Welsh is NOT taught as a first language in Welsh schools and ALL lessons are taught using the English language. Everyone believes this approach is anti-Welsh, whereas in reality it gives the child more options and opportunities both inside and outside of Wales!
Ed Bishop - Sat, 15th Sep 2012
A very good point Ed : But surely most of this applies to Wales and the Welsh language as well ?
Mr Grumpy - Sat, 15th Sep 2012
At last! Instead of the regions putting their own political and cultural spins on everything, the focus will be more centred towards the best interests of the kids! Maintaining regional languages is important, but not to the extent where it seriously limits the future prospects of the children. Catalan, Valenciano and Basque are all language which have no "real" use or benefit in the "real" world!!
Ed Bishop - Sat, 15th Sep 2012

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