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Lorca Devastated By Floods

Sat 29th Sep 2012
Lorca Devastated By Floods

Little more than a year since the double earthquakes which destroyed much of the old town and still recovering, Lorca has again been hit with further devastation from torrential rain and flooding on Friday.

More than 244 litres of water per square metre fell in less than an hour bringing huge torrents of water destroying infrastructure, homes and agriculture.

Five people have been confirmed dead in the surrounding area and more are missing having been swept away by flash floods.

Homes are completely submerged with owners stranded on the roofs. Emergency helicopters have been drafted in to help with the rescue effort.

Tumbit's Dan Brammall, who was caught up in the disaster said "You can't imagine it, homes are completely under water, cars are bobbing around and locals affected have lost pretty much everything".

"It's normally very dry here and rainfall is very minimal at the worst of times. This is completely unprecedented by any standards" he continued.

"I've spent most of the day wading around in the water up to my chest helping where I can. There is diesel in the water from nearby petrol stations and farm land, the smell of the water is disgusting and there is mud everywhere! Locals are being evacuated by the Guardia Civil and fire services."

Lorca's fort, positioned high above the city has experienced rock falls forcing the temporary and precautionary closure of the motorway tunnels which run beneath it.

The nearby town of Puerto Lumbreras has been devastated too. Infrastructure has been destroyed and major roads have collapsed where they pass over rivers.

Emergency staging points have been setup around the city with military and civil protection support being provided to local emergency services.

Most of the worst affected areas are without electricity tonight and the true scale of the devastation won't be known until Saturday morning where it is hoped the flood water will have abated enough for the cleanup operation to begin.

Background on 2011 Lorca earthquake by clicking the link >> HERE << .

Comment on this Story

@Neil - Aguas de Lorca still having problems reaching damaged water infrastructure. I can assure you they are doing everything they can. Much of Lorca is still without clean running water. Electric is still off for many. Still plenty of standing water everywhere, but it is slowly disappearing. What's the situation like where you are?
Dan Brammall - Sun, 30th Sep 2012
@Neil, what a mess! I have been in Campillo, Lorca helping there. Apart from the Civil Protection trying to get us out of the area, there has been very little support from anyone. Support appears to be mainly concentrated in Puerto Lumbreras. I am reliably informed that Agua de Lorca is trying to repair massive infrastructure damage which they cannot reach to repair until the water recedes. As for the electric, understandably, safety is paramount and whilst most of the system is underwater, they have to check each property to make sure the standing water doesn't become death traps. I'll try to keep you updated with the water situation... I am here today (Sunday), Where are you in Lorca?
Dan Brammall - Sun, 30th Sep 2012
I live in Lorca and have been evacuated due to the floods, our house is ruined and full of mud and water, the garden is destroyed, livestock lost, we have no electric or water so can only attempt to clean up with brooms. There has been no assistance so far nor notification of any outlook of getting services reconnected. Today my wife and I will continue to clean and salvage what we can and try to secure our dogs and garden. Meanwhile my daughter is in a temporary school and has been for a year, as her's was destroyed in last years earthquake.
Neil - Sun, 30th Sep 2012
Why Lorca ? After the earthquake of 2011 and the floods, I am wondering what Geological or Climatic circumstances have brought this about ? - Or is it just coincidence / bad luck ?
Tyler - Sun, 30th Sep 2012

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