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Paramount Murcia v Paramount UK

Tue 9th Oct 2012
Paramount Murcia  v   Paramount UK

A UK-based consortium of developers has signed a licensing agreement with Paramount Pictures to construct a £2 Billion theme park in the British Countryside.

London Resort Co. Holdings, has signed a deal to incorporate a number of Paramount-branded attractions at the thee park, which is planned to be built to the North of the country of Kent, in the South-East of London.

Although there are a number of major financial and procedural steps to consider, both Paramount and London Resort Co. Holdings hope and expect that the park can be scheduled to open in 2018 - 3 years after the 2015 scheuled opening date for the Paramount Pictures theme park in Murcia.

The consortium confirmed in a statement that it is seeking to sign licensing deals with "major British brands" to partner the project.

Paramount has signed a number of similar licensing agreements over recent years. Further to the park at Alhama de Murcia, Plans are afoot to build similar attractions in Abu Dhabi and Jordan.

Paramount Executives consult on design at the destinations and issue licences to brand the attractions but do not invest capital in the ventures.

The Paramount Pictures theme park project in Murcia suffered at setback earlier this year when the developer was unable to complete the pruchase of around 30% of the originally intended footprint of the site. Furthermore, the required investment to complete construction of the theme park is still to be finalised.

Paramount Murcia is to feature at the World Tourism Exhibition in London next month, however it seems that Murcia's Minister for Tourism, Enrique Ujaldón, has already decided that the park may not hold the potential appeal for Brit Holidaymakers that it once did. Last month he told a Tourism seminar that he hoped that the opening of Corvera Airport would enable Paramount Murcia to attract a wider range of tourists, thereby ending the region's reliance on visitors from the UK .

Comment on this Story

Who wants to go to a Theme Park in the cold and rain in the UK no thanks ? , Spain needs to start getting its act together. Everyones loosing interest and investors are going elsewhere as Spain's Political system grinds to a halt.. nothing new to offer . Surely the warm climate of Murcia with average 320 days of sunshine a year and warm most of the year , this is vital for the success of any Leisure park and yet Planning and local councils seem to be bogged down in red tape . "The Shame in Spain is mainly in the Plan" ie no approval
Alitone - Mon, 30th Jun 2014
@Robster - Alton Towers seems to do alright! AND you have to queue always!!
Ed Bishop - Sat, 10th Nov 2012
That's as maybe Robster - but at least the Park in Kent will be able to take advantage of infrastructure that is already in place to bring visitors to them. The Murcia park still has no airport, still has no AVE High speed railway, and still has no good motorway network connecting to it.
Colin - Sat, 10th Nov 2012
I can't see many Brits queueing up to visit a Theme Park in the middle of Kent in the 2 weeks per year that it isn't actually raining - let alone thousands of foreign visitors ! - As you rightly mention Jay, providing the park in Murcia can actually get as far as opening, I think it will have much more to offer !
Robster - Fri, 12th Oct 2012
Given that the UK project reportedly has all of the required investment in place - yet the Murcia project does not, my money is on Paramount Kent being complete ahead of Paramount Murcia.
Jay Poyser - Tue, 9th Oct 2012

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