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Catalans contribute 25 billion more in Social Security than they receive

Source: Catalan News Agency - Fri 12th Oct 2012
Catalans contribute 25 billion more in Social Security than they receive

The Catalan News Agency has reported today how the region of Catalonia gave 24.77 billion more to the Spanish national Social Security system between 1995 - 2010 than they received back from it.

The paper quoted data from the Catalan Finance Ministry, which went on to explain how the country as a whole had a Social Security deficit of almost 62 billion during the same period, and that without the contributions made by Catalonia the deficit would have stretched to 86.33 billion.

The Ministry concluded that Catalonia would have had a Social Security surplus of 3,384 per person, equivalent to 12.7% of the Catalan GDP, and that a hypothetical Spain without Catalonia would have had a deficit of 2,228 per person, equivalent to 10.1% of its GDP.

The news is expected to be seized upon by supporters of an Independent Catalonia as useful propaganda for their cause.

Comment on this Story

...Lies, damned lies and statistics, Sr Winters...
Mr Grumpy - Sat, 13th Oct 2012
I question the figures... No nation, big or small has a surplus of cash sitting around in banks earning interest. All nations have debt to support the financial institutions of the world. The catalan debt is almost 5,000 per person so how can they draw conclusions of this nature! Political propoganda i fear!
Shaun Winters - Sat, 13th Oct 2012

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