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Spanish Day Marred By Catalan Violence

Fri 12th Oct 2012
Spanish Day Marred By Catalan Violence

The national day of Spain was today marred with violence from Catalonian pro-independence supporters upon a friendly march of pro-unity supporters.

Several thousand Catalan residents gathered in Barcelona to show their support for unity with Spain, however they were shadowed by several Catalan pro-independence supporters who hurled abuse, spat and threw missiles at the crowd.

The peaceful group of pro-Spanish unity supporters, including children, carried banners and signs saying "We are all Catalonia." The group was showing their support to remain unified within Spain.

Televised on all Spanish news services, the pro-independence group grabbed Spanish flags from supporters, tore them up, spat on them and pushed people around hurling abuse.

Riot police were on hand and attempted to keep the two groups separate during today's march.

One particularly nasty event started by the independence group resulted in violence towards a man with his children. The man's daughter was seen being carried away by emergency services hysterical with fear over the incident whilst Police rescued the man from the violent mob.

One of the pro-independence supporters who incited the violence was arrested however police brushed the incident off as a minor incident.

Much of Catalonia took advantage of the bank holiday break, however in defiance of the National Day of Spain, 12 schools in the region remained open despite it being a bank holiday. No lessons were taught except for reaffirming pro-independence and Catalan values to the school children.

Catalan politicians have not made any comment over today's violence and not made any attempt to calm the tensions of the Catalan public.

This silence will no doubt raise alarm amongst tourist, eager to remain neutral, in a region which appears openly and violently against unity with Spain.

Comment on this Story

You are lying! This is bullshit Spanish propaganda
Jack - Mon, 8th Sep 2014
Rodrigo : It is so interesting to hear an alternative opinion like yours - so many of the British (and other foreign language) TV News and Newspapers portray ALL Catalans as being Pro-Independant. It has recently been announced in the UK that a referendum will be held for an Independant Scotland. Now that the Scots Nationalists have got their way with this I would not be surprised if the appetite for Scots independence withers and dies.
Mr Grumpy - Wed, 17th Oct 2012
I'm Catalan and Spanish, I was in this march. In Catalonia there is no freedom for people that do not support nationalism. We are afraid about Catalan nationalism. They are radical and use economical crisis to stole Catalans while they say the problem is Spain. Radios, TV and newspapers of Catalonia are pro-nationalism because they earn money of the Regional government. There are a lot of people in Catalonia that feel both Catalan AND Spanish because Catalonia has been always a piece of Spain.
Rodrigo - Wed, 17th Oct 2012
Catalonia is a beautiful region of Spain and the desire to become independent should be respected, but politicians cannot condone violence and should not use the emotions of the Catalan people to further their own political agendas. I hope the Catalan people wake up and see that they are being used as pawns and puppets by ruthless, selfish and quite likely corrupt politicians.
Shaun Winters - Fri, 12th Oct 2012

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