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Murcia President Gives Paramount Reasurance

Wed 24th Oct 2012
Murcia President Gives Paramount Reasurance

Murcia President Ramón Luis Valcárcel has given reassurances over Paramount Theme Park Murcia despite rising concern about Paramount Theme Park London.

Valcárcel was keen to emphasise at the forum "La Verdad-SabadellCAM" that Paramount Theme Park Murcia is a "much more solid" project because Paramount Murcia has already bought €30 million of land.

He went on to explain that Paramount London, if successful, would not pose a competition threat to Paramount Murcia. He joked that London, and already nervous Disney Land Paris, shared almost 300 days of rain a year whilst Murcia enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine.

The consortium behind Paramount London has finance in place and more than €6 million has already been invested in feasibility studies alone.

If the planning applications are successful, it is believed the park could be open as early as 2018, which the consortium wants Paramount London to become the largest entertainment destination in Europe.

In response to questions over the exclusivity agreement with Paramount Europe, Valcárcel stressed there is more than enough investment available for both parks, even though to date Paramount Murcia promoters, Premursa, have struggled to secure investment and more is still required.

When quizzed about Corvera Airport and the exact opening date, Ramón Luis Valcárcel declined to comment only to say that decision was out of his hands.

Corvera Airport will no doubt play an instrumental part in the success and/or failure of Paramount Theme Park Murcia, however technical, political and military issues have thus far yielded nothing but empty promises and confusion for travellers unsure whether to book tickets into San Javier Airport and whether their tickets will automatically switch to any new airport routes.

With Paramount Theme Park Murcia expected to open its doors in 2015, the pressure is on for both Corvera Airport and Paramount Theme Park Murcia to really get going despite the deepening financial crisis and declining investor confidence in the region and country overall.

Comment on this Story

I agree Tyler, although construction of Corvera was well underway and the guarantee was to enable the airport to be completed. Paramount Murcia is totally different - nothing has begun, has no investors, and there is very little interest from anywhere outside of the region. All Paramount Murcia has got to its name is a piece of land which they paid €30 million for, which has now been valued at far less.
Lucinda Castiles - Thu, 25th Oct 2012
As with Corvera, I think the that the regional government have found themselves with little option but to back the project. Both of them are simply too big to allow to fail, with the much-needed jobs that they are set to provide.
Tyler - Thu, 25th Oct 2012
Interestingly Jesus Samper's has requested the Regional Government to provide a €20 million loan guarantee to allow construction to begin, as the land purchased for €30 million has now been valued at less than the 50% guarantee required under law to be provided by the developer. Someone's made a killing on the land ! Strangely, even despite the problems the Regional Government have got themselves into with providing a guarantee for Corvera, they are apparently willing to provide the guarantee to Jesus Samper.
Lucinda Castiles - Wed, 24th Oct 2012

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