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Corvera Airport "About to Open" : Valcarcel

Source: La Opinion de Murcia - Wed 12th Dec 2012
Corvera Airport 'About to Open' : Valcarcel

Murcia's President Valcárcel, has insisted that Corver Airport is "about to open", and will have 2 million passengers travelling to it every year.

The figure given - way in excess of the busiest ever year for arrivals at San Javier Airport - will be achived as soon as Spain has left the crisis, he claims.

Valcarcel went on to say how operations at San Javier were being restricted due to the airport having to reconcile Military and Civilian operations.

With San Javier being under the responsibility of the General Air Academy (AGA), which trains military pilots, the priority is undertandably given over to Military operations. "This means that, from 8am until 4pm there is no way we can assume availability of slots at the airport".

When asked why these difficulties had not been faced by other airport projects in Spain, the President answered that the situation was a unique one, and due to the proximity of both airports and the involvement of both the Ministries of Defence and Development.

Comment on this Story

I hope the airport opens. I live in Vera - Almeria is closer to me but there are no Scottish flights to there. So I use San Javier, but for me there is no winter flights into San Javier and I have to use Alicante 2 hours away :( Corvera could mean all through the year flights for me.
Irene Mcgrath - Fri, 4th Jan 2013
I have stopped believing anything I read about Corvera Airport anymore. I will only take anything reported to be gospel when I see evidence of the first aeroplane actually touching down. Same goes for Castellon Airport !
C Timpson - Thu, 13th Dec 2012
Oh dear. Murcia Regional Government have screwed up again in public. Look, I am all for Corvera opening, but perhaps Murcia's President Valcárcel should face a lie detector test. Only a few weeks ago, they assumed they would inherit the 1.5 million passengers from San Javier ,and now he expects passenger numbers through Corvera to be 2 million. What he has failed to recognise, is that IF Covera opens, some passengers will choose Alicante over Corvera. So he needs to find more than 500,000 people to hit his 2m target, which he simply cant. Does he also not know that Military restrictions were actually lifted some years ago at San Javier, which is why they have allday flights ?
Lucinda Castiles - Wed, 12th Dec 2012

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