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Last chance to play 'El Niño'

Sat 5th Jan 2013
Last chance to play 'El Niño'

Today marks the last chance to take part in the 'El Niño' Christmas lottery draw, which is part of the Three Kings Fiesta celebrations, drawn on the 6th of January.

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Although at "just" €840 million, and at around 1/3rd of the El Gordo prize fund, El Niño punters are able to take advantage of a ticket draw that enables them to have 8 chances of winning, putting the odds of winning some kind of prize at 1 in 3, which compares to 1 in 6 with El Gordo.

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In fact, El Nino is more generous by percentage as the Spanish Christmas Lottery, giving back 70% of ticket sales in prize money. Both lotteries are played as raffles that use 100,000 five digit codes from 00,000 to 99,999. Loteria de Navidad copies each number 180 times, and the Little One makes 60 copies, with both then getting into the community spirit by dividing into ten decimos (shares) so everyone can join the party.

The philosophy of El Nino is that everyone, tall or short, should enjoy a win, little or large, and with winning odds of 1:3, he goes a long way to achieving this. Although the total prize fund does not match the Spanish Christmas Lottery, the Little One's €840 million stash and €120 million in jackpot money dwarf many weekly draws.

El Nino also has a few extra tricks up his sleeve when up against the big hitters, including a second drawing that will decide 60 €1 million second prizes, as well as five figure prizes for being within one number either side of a winning code.

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