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Stranded Spaniard Mirrors Film Storyline

Mon 28th Jan 2013
Stranded Spaniard Mirrors Film Storyline

A Spanish Citizen has been stranded at an airport in Santiago, Chile, for the last 8 weeks, mirroring the story behind the Tom Hanks movie "The Terminal".

Rodrigo Ben-Azul told members of the local press PubliMetro, that he flew from Spain to Chile in November to settle a family dispute. He failed to do this and has since been waiting for relatives in Spain to send money so he can purchase a return flight back home.

Airport workers told journalists how the stricken traveller passes his evenings sleeping in quiet corners of the terminal buildings, whilst his days are spent returning abandoned luggage trolleys for their deposit money so he can afford to buy food, or failing that, scavenging for scraps of unwanted food in the food court rubbish bins.

Comment on this Story

Good job he wasn't stranded somewhere like Spain's Burgos or Huescar airports : He could be there for another 6 Months waiting for the next plane to arrive !
Mr Grumpy - Fri, 1st Feb 2013
Spot on.!
David - Mon, 28th Jan 2013
David ... you mean falling on his arse due to his own short-sightedness and incompetence, and then expecting somebody else to bail him out ?
Tumbit - Admin - Mon, 28th Jan 2013
With that amount of planning and forward thinking, surely Rodrigo is a prime candidate for High Office within the Spanish Government ?
David - Mon, 28th Jan 2013

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