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ECJ Ruling against Ryanair will see price increase

Thu 31st Jan 2013
ECJ Ruling against Ryanair will see price increase

Michael O'Leary has called a decision by the EU courts to make airlines pay compensation to stranded passengers "stupid", saying how it would result in ticket prices going up.

The Ryanair CEO made his comments during a press conference at East Midlands Airport to promote new flights from the airport - one of which will be to Girona, Catalonia. O'Leary went on to give his reaction the the ECJ ruling which said that airlines are obliged to cover the costs of stranded customers' food, accommodation, transport and communication, even in "extraordinary circumstances'' such as the 2010 volcano eruption in Iceland.

O' Leary said the ruling would open the floodgates for passengers to seek compensation and the cost would be inevitably be passed onto passengers.

"It's a stupid decision - it will mean air fares go up while we deal with crazy compensation claims – but I suppose that is the joy of being in the EU.

"Where the airlines are not responsible you can make us responsible – it's like suing Toyota because your car is stuck on the M25.

"These events happen with depressing regularity and what if a volcanic eruption goes onto for 3 months ?

"The airlines would go bust dealing with all the claims."

Comment on this Story

I was stranded at Murcia during the last Icelandic volcano emmision. Got blown off by a rude employee only to find out that every other airline flew except Ryanunfair because they would not circumnavigate the ash residue for fear of incurring extra fuel cost. I got a flight out the same day via Alicante on Easyjet. JP
Jp - Sat, 2nd Feb 2013

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