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Spain unemployment jumps almost 3% Dec-Jan

Source: Cinco Dias - Mon 4th Feb 2013
Spain unemployment jumps almost 3% Dec-Jan

Unemployment levels increased by 132,055 people between December and January, bringing the total number of unemployed to 4,980,778 - a rise of 2.72% - according to data released today by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

Since January 2012, unemployment has increased by 380,949 people, or 8.28%. Compare to January 2012 the increase of January 2011 was 177,470.

Unemployment rose across all sectors : The Services sector increased by 108,982 (3.64%); Agriculture by 15,303 (8.15%); and Industry by 7,763 (1.43%) in 3477.

Compared to December, unemployment in men increased by 64,923 (2.7%) to reach 2,472,830; whilst in women it increased by 67,132 (2.75%) and to reach 2,507,948. For the under 25's unemployment grew by 7,205 (1.58%), whilst in the over 25's it increased by 124,850 (2.84%).

During the course of 2012, male unemployment as a whole grew by 184,437 (8.06%) and female 196 512 (8.5%).

Of the total, some 622,479 foreigners were also registered as being unemployed, rising by 10,429 people in January (1.7%), while in January 2012 the number actually fell 18,549 (2.89%). In January, the registered unemployment increased across 16 regions, especially in Andalusia (18,569) and Madrid (17,435) - but actually decreased in the Balearics by 126 jobs.

The number of new employment contracts awarded last month reached 1,101,819, representing an increase of 59,625 (5.72%) over January 2012, with 110,609 being permanent positions, up by 22,245 (28.39%) on the same peropd a year earlier. Of this number some 59,630 were full-time (an increase of 9,302, 18.48%) and 40,979 part-time (12,943 more, up 46.17%).

The average number of Social Security contributors also fell in January by 263,243 people - 1.60% less than in December 2012 - bringing the total number of contributors to 16,179,438, and representing the 6th consecutive month of decline, according to data released today by the Ministry of Employment.

This figure is down on January 2012, when contributions fell by 271,654 people, but higher than those of 2008, 2010 and 2011.

Last week the same Ministry revealed how Spain now has less than 2 Social Security contributors for each person in reciept of some form of benefit payment .

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