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Paramount Murcia : Yet Another Deadline Given

Tue 12th Feb 2013
Paramount Murcia : Yet Another Deadline Given

The Minister of Tourism for the region of Murcia, Pedro Alberto Cruz, announced yesterday how "everything is fine" concerning the Paramount Pictures theme park project.

Cruz went on to explain that later this month the Ayuntamiento of Alhama de Murcia will finally approve the plans to allow the earthworks project to commence - the initial phase of the construction.

On the 13th of January - 2 days before his previous self-appointed deadline was due to expire - the Minister maintained that Construction at the Paramount Pictures theme park would commence on February the 28th .

By our calculations this recent news makes it extremely unlikely that construction will be able to commence on the date advised.

It would seem that this is yet another deadline, that will be missed yet again. This seems to becoming a habit of yours, Sr Cruz.

Comment on this Story

Never mind it's "man yana" in Spain isn't it? The same principle remains, it took nearly four years to finish our home on La torre, having been told it would take two years to finish. In any other country there would have been a penalty to pay. What's good enough for one should have been good enough for another ! - Sun, 17th Feb 2013
I agree with you admin. I have been following this project since October 2011, then further into February 6, 2012, when the public title deeds were to be legally and officially granted and the final payment made which didn't happen when it was suppose to. After that delay after delay after delay occurred afterwards. Now it is February 2013 and still no real progress. At this rate, how is the project going to finish for 2015?
Corey - Sun, 17th Feb 2013
Loving or Hating Spain has little to do with the reporting of fact. There is little getting away from the issue that various local polititians have made countless promises on this project (amongst others Such as Corvera, Paramount, the AVE etc...) that have simply not been adhered to.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun, 17th Feb 2013
Got it wrong again! Spain we love(by the way we have a holiday home there) and do live in England for most of the year because of the rising costs in Spain. Seems you don't live on La Torre and then you would know what I mean!! They take our money from our bank a/c willynilly. So don't judge unless you are going through the same as us. - Sun, 17th Feb 2013
Follow up to you Marco, I a'int a Spain hater in the slightest - I would just really love to see some traction on this project. It is good to give dates when things are going to happen, etc, but I would like to see some real movement going forward. Don't just give dates for the sole purpose of a news article or story for an update or headline, but true dates that people plan to stick too to show some true commitment and progress...
Corey - Sun, 17th Feb 2013
I suggest that all of you Spain haters move back to the UK where your vile thoughts are more appreciated, you talk as if everything in the UK goes like clockwork and the Government tell you the truth without telling lies, look at Wembley that went well didnt it?. Been here 10 years and will not want to live anywhere else. See ya!
Marco - Sun, 17th Feb 2013
Sorry we ever bought a place in Spain, the whole of the country is corrupt. Europe could do something about it, but of course as the old saying goes;"Birds of a feather flock together". We ordinary folk don't seem to stand a chance. Be glad when I can sell my propery at less than half the price as the maintenance is going up leaps and bounds eventhough we live on a resort with thousands of homes. We have all been well and truly conned! - Sat, 16th Feb 2013
This is just another example of the continuous lies and corruption of this country, where there cannot be much national pride left. Developers promises and guarantees are not worth the paper they are printed on and verbal committements even more worthless! If politicians are corrupt from the top down - how on earth will anyone else act with any integrity? Where is the ultimate power and authority in Spain to stop all this? Millions of people have been cheated out of their lifetime of savings and there seems to be nothing in Spain to stop it. The Law is cumbersome and slow at tackling fraud, corruption and institutional theft. All this in a country that allows many institutions to help themselves to your nmoney from your personal bank account - amazing!
Pete - Fri, 15th Feb 2013
I expect there will be many more broken deadlines to come.
Tyler - Wed, 13th Feb 2013
There has been too many deadlines over and over again. It is time to see progress. These delays are definitely not instilling any confidence in the project at the minute at all
Corey - Wed, 13th Feb 2013
What a total Clown !
Robster - Tue, 12th Feb 2013

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