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Paramount Murcia Goes Pear Shaped ?

Sat 23rd Mar 2013
Paramount Murcia Goes Pear Shaped ?

Rumours are abound in the Spanish Press today that Paramount Licensing, based in Los Angeles in the USA, are considering withdrawing the licence granted to build the Paramount Pictures Theme Park in Alhama de Murcia, Spain.

The Licence, which was officially granted to Jesus Samper, President of Proyectos Emblemáticos Murcianos SA (Premursa), almost 2 years ago, has been brought under question due to a variety of problems concerning the footprint and legality of the land purchased with which to construct the park.

The project has also been hampered by the inability to attract sufficient investment to complete construction on the park.

Why ?

Speculation is that the Licence will be withdrawn under grounds of continued missed deadlines, and that the Licence will be re-sold to other more viable investment groups, but that the project would more than likely move away from the Murcia Region.

Further to Paramount, questions were also asked yesterday over the viability of Murcia's Corvera Airport , with the Spokesman for the regional government confirming that the Airport would not be operational for this Summer.

Elsewhere in Spain, news earlier this week that Tarragona's PortAventura theme park is to invest in expansion and a similar convention centre to Paramount's proposed 'Lifestyle Center', has added to the general feeling that Murcia has missed their golden opportunity.

Although largely unconfirmed speculation, it could be that this news recieved over the course of the last 24 hours does not bode too well for the region.

Comment on this Story

Well spain really needs this theme park. I have been to Disney : 2 problems the french and the weather!! Spain is perfect... The government really needs to get a grip... stop the corruption, sort out the grabbing banks, allow proper developement that will bring money to this area. People will come to a theme park in sunny Spain...
Jan - Tue, 2nd Apr 2013
To be fair Peter, perhaps the reason you "don't moan" is because you have no grounds to, having purchased so long ago. Imagine if you had paid a deposit on your property under the promise that the resort would be built. I imagine you would be both dissappointed and see your property fall in value.
Mr Grumpy - Sat, 30th Mar 2013
When I first put a deposit on a property on LTGR Paramount had never been heard of. Why I bought still exists, Sun, Golf, good food and drink still reasonably priced and every time I go out there I have a really good time with new freinds that I have met. If it does not go ahead I wont moan. I have just come back from 4 days at Euro Disney with the grandkids. Be careful what you wish for.
Peter - Sat, 30th Mar 2013
Interesting. Projects on this scale often go through troubled waters before completion, they often over run on both time and budget, However, many Murcia estate agents are promoting the theme park as a reason to buy along with the new airport. If one or both fail to happen then property prices will tumble even more than they have. Now add Cyprus and the bank deposit raids to the uncertainty and most foriegners will fear setting foot in Spain in case the same happens there (as muted by the chairman of the EU). The EU and the Eurozone has truely shot itself in the foot while the foot is in the mouth ! Spain may have the sun but thats just about all it has now. Sun is available elsewhere in the World which is where I am going now, not Spain.
Graham - Wed, 27th Mar 2013
You say "unconfirmed speculation", but have you any ideas as to when or if this might be confirmed ?
C Timpson - Sun, 24th Mar 2013

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