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Ryanair Calendar : Double Standards ?

Mon 1st Apr 2013
Ryanair Calendar : Double Standards ?

Ryanair is in the pages of the Spanish news once again this week, however this time it is due to complaints of sexism.

The airlines is once again likely to face court action over claims brought by the Provincial Association of Housewives and Consumers of Valencia, who allege that the annual calendar of scantily clad cabin crew is "Sexist and Exploitative".

The Airline's annual calendar raises thousands of pounds for a number of charities each year.

The private prosecution is set to be heard in front of 3 Judges in Malaga Province later this month.

Similar action was brought against the Airline following the publication of their Calendar last year.

Although Tumbit is far from being a champion of the airline, it seems that in this case Ryanair is the victim to a shoddy example of double standards being applied here.

Late in 2012 a similar calendar featuring scantily clad Mums raised thousands of Euros for a school charity in Valencia. It seems that the Housewives Association from the same Province were in no way offended by the "Sexist and Exploitative" behaviour in this instance.

Comment on this Story

Mr Grumpy, you have now given me a mental image I didn't really wish to have. Shame on you.!
David - Tue, 2nd Apr 2013
I can think of nothing worse that the Association getting their own way, and being forced to consider the possibility of seeing Mr O'Leary posing in his finest Speedos.
Mr Grumpy - Tue, 2nd Apr 2013
Isn't the 'Provincial Association of Housewives and Consumers of Valencia' in itself, displaying "Sexist and Exploitative" behaviour - by not including House HUSBANDS in their title?
David - Mon, 1st Apr 2013

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