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Paramount Murcia "approval expected in next few days"

Source: 20Minutos - Tue 23rd Apr 2013
Paramount Murcia 'approval expected in next few days'

The Central Government's Ministry of Presidency has finalised the environmental impact report concerning Murcia's Paramount Pictures theme park.

The announcement was made on Monday by the Regional Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz.

The document, which had been delayed for several months due to a number of changes to the original footprint, is currently being reviewed by the Urban Planning Department of the Ayuntamiento of Alhama de Murcia.

Cruz confirmed that "the special plan will be approved within the next few days, which will give the green light to excavation work starting".

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Comment on this Story

Corey : 1) The updates in the News are usually to remind us how things are not progressing as planned, rather than the contrary, 2) Only 60% of the Land required to build the Park and Lifestyle Centre was ever purchased. A little disconcerting that Premursa never actually checked that the land was free of any embargos before they actually got to the Notary ! The fact that they could have and shoul dhave done this months before it ever got to that stage to me speaks volumes about the calibre of Developer we are dealing with here !
Mr Grumpy - Tue, 30th Apr 2013
What I don't understand is if the Paramount Theme park was just a theory and just based on optimism surely the whole talks of it happening would have been put to rest by now. Why would there be an update on it every few months ? Surely if it was definitely not going to happen, wouldn't every one know for sure by now ? Why would they have bought the land ? Etc...
Corey - Tue, 30th Apr 2013
More unfounded wishful thinking by Murcia's Minister of Bullshit.
Robster - Sat, 27th Apr 2013

For me the THEORY of Paramount Murcia is great, and worthy of optimisim and exitement.

Sadly, like so many other similar projects in Spain, I have zero confidence that this will be delivered A) As promised, B) On time, C) on Budget D) at no financial or environmental detrement to the Region.

As time goes on it seems that this is becoming increasingly the case !

Mr Grumpy - Thu, 25th Apr 2013
Yes I agree with you Mr Grumpy. They definitely needs to be transport channels that may the location of the Park easily accessible for everyone. Hopefully, the rail connection will happy and as that would be detrimental to allowing tourists and locals alike to get to the park. The airport needs to happen without a doubt so we will see how that goes. Oh I see what you mean Lucinda. False hopes and promises got loads of properties sold and now people are struggle to maintain what was suppose to be guaranteed rental apartments right? So the franchise was bought then? I was under the impression that the region was chosen due to his great history, Mediterranean climate and location being near to the coast and near golf courses etc. I would hope people would be going to the park all year round and not specifically in the 45 degrees plus that you said earlier. But if I am incorrect, please do educate me further Lucinda and Mr. Grumpy. I learn something everyday.
Corey - Wed, 24th Apr 2013
I was not being funny and I actually run several businesses in Murcia (including Property), but unfortunately that is the truth. Property in Murcia sold on the basis of a new airport and a theme park, guaranteed rental income ...... the list goes on. I think you forget Corey, this is a franchise that has been bought, its not a gift given by Paramount to the Murcia Region. Disneyland Paris suffered from a lot of criticizism because of the wet weather, the saving factor was that Paris had other places to offer. People are not going to stand in queues when temperatures are hitting probably 45 degress plus in Murcia, so what else does Murcia offer ?
Lucinda Castiles - Wed, 24th Apr 2013
These said tourists have got to be able to get to the park first Corey ! - the promised AVE connection looks unlikely to happen, as does the rail connection between the Park and the Airport. And let's not even get started about the airport !
Mr Grumpy - Wed, 24th Apr 2013
That is funny Lucinda regarding the estate agents. Dont you think it would bring good tourism to that area and encourage a bit of spending which is good economics? Jobs are without a doubt what will be brought to the table. But I am guessing everyone involved in the selection process of choosing Murcia know lots of other reasons to bring the Paramount Park there.
Corey - Wed, 24th Apr 2013
I personally do not see what Paramount Murcia will bring to the area., apart from jobs and the fact it will stop countless estate agents being sued.
Lucinda Castiles - Wed, 24th Apr 2013
Could this finally lead to some visual progress at last? Will actual excavation work be starting? I will keep my fingers crossed.
Corey - Wed, 24th Apr 2013

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