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Spain's Booming IVF Industry attracts Healthcare Tourists

Source: West Info - Sat 11th May 2013
Spain's Booming IVF Industry attracts Healthcare Tourists

The continuing financial crisis and escalating levels of unemployment - particularly in young people - is forcing more and more Spaniards to raise cash by considering becoming egg donors.

Spain is already one of the prominent countries in the EU with regards to the number of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments and egg donation procedures carried out each year. Fertility healthcare attracts couples from countries around the world, including from the UAE, north Africa and Russia.

The Eugin Clinic in Barcelona alone performs 3,000 cycles of egg donation each year, which accounts for 10% of all procedures across the EU. The city also hosts one of the biggest egg and sperm banks in Europe, making Spain a major global centre for fertility treatment.

A further attraction making Spain a "Centre of Excellence" is the law passed in 2006, which has allowed unparalleled innovations in the field of fertility.

Such clinics usually pay around 1'000 for a donation cycle of 6 eggs.

Only last week Spain's Minister for Tourism reported how "Healthcare Tourism" was expected to increase by 90% by the year 2020.

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Comment on this Story

Very droll Mr G - but at least not the "We didn't realise half-a-dozen egg were so expensive..." gag we were half-expecting.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat, 11th May 2013
I'm not surprised they can afford to pay Donors 1'000 a time. With their main competition (Catholic Nuns) out of the Baby game, they can pretty much charge what they like !
Mr Grumpy - Sat, 11th May 2013

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