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AENA report on Corvera Airport viability slammed

Source: La Verdad - Sat 25th May 2013
AENA report on Corvera Airport viability slammed

José Ballesta, spokesman for the regional government of Murcia, announced yesterday how AENA's report on the financial viability of Corvera Airport was for internal purposes, and only reflected the short-term status of the facility.

When pressed to confirm certain parts of the report which appeared to contradict previous statements made by the government, Ballesta simply prompted journalists to "ask AENA".

It was also asked of Ballesta why, with 47 out of the 49 AENA operated Airports seeing a decline in flights annually, that Corvera could be considered any differently – in other words profitable. The response was typical of a politician, and that such things ‘could not be measured in terms of economy alone'.

He went on to dismiss the AENA report on the viability of the future of Corvera Airport by saying how it could only represent the current situation, and that the longer term also needed to be taken into consideration.

Comment on this Story

........ and so sayeth the Minister of Bullshit..!
David - Sat, 25th May 2013

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