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AENA Ready to Take Control of Corvera Airport

Wed 29th May 2013
AENA Ready to Take Control of Corvera Airport

Murica's Regional President Ramón Luis Valcárcel has said that a number of meetings have taken place with AENA to take control of Corvera Airport.

Valcárcel has confirmed that AENA are "totally committed" to take full control of Corvera Airport and hopes this to happen by December with commercial flights beginning in summer 2014.

However, Valcárcel insisted there had been no contact with Aeromur, the troubled concessionary behind the privately owned and financed project.

Sacyr, the construction stakeholder in the airport borrowed extensively from banks and other financial institutions to complete the project which required a €200 million guarantee from the regional government of Murcia and increasing it's stake to 60% of the concession.

Intended to operate alongside AENA controlled San Javier Airport, the idea was floated to close San Javier to commercial traffic, hand over the airport to the military and transfer its commercial operations to Corvera, with AENA controlling operations under the administration of the concessionary.

However, since AENA had no need to move its operations to Corvera, Aeromur would have to compensate AENA for its recent investment in San Javier Airport of around €93 million.

Aeromur are unable to compensate AENA nor can it afford to open the airport which has forced the regional government to rescind their contract to operate Corvera Airport.

Aeromur has blamed delays on AENA for failing to suitably negotiate flight paths and operational transfers from San Javier in a timely fashion. AENA only began test flights into Corvera Airport after the initial opening deadlines had passed which some have speculated were by design to assume full control of the airport.

It is still unclear whether the airport will become a completely state owned airport, however it is thought that buyers are being sought for the airport.

Expats and holiday makers in the area are likely to bear the brunt of the confusion surrounding both airports, especially as San Javier is adding new routes to its schedules and rising speculation that San Javier will never close commercially.

Comment on this Story

Regional vanity over common sense strikes yet again !
Bob Carpenter - Mon, 3rd Jun 2013
Is Valcarcel the new AENA spokesperson ? Each time he speaks about Corvera he makes statements on their behalf !
Lucinda Castiles - Sat, 1st Jun 2013
Although, those of us who live near San Javier may beg to differ!!
Graham - Thu, 30th May 2013
.............. and the money to do so.!
David - Thu, 30th May 2013
politics hey. Murcia needs the airport to open. paramount needs the airport to open. home owners in the area need the airport to open. prospective buyers in the area need the airport to open. the economy in the area need the airport to open. SUM COCK UP. i will not buy in the area until the airport is open. who is gonna have the balls to take control.
Geoff Hobster - Thu, 30th May 2013
Well, if Valcárcel has said so, it must be true. Perhaps. Maybe, Possibly. A Symbol of Hope, indeed.! Fingers crossed.
David - Thu, 30th May 2013

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