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Positive Statement about Corvera Airport to be made "soon"

Source: La Verdad - Sun 21st Jul 2013
Positive Statement about Corvera Airport to be made 'soon'

The Minister of Public Works and Planning for the regional government of Murcia, Antonio Sevilla, said earlier this week how there will soon be a positive statement concerning the operation of Corvera International Airport.

This follows a similar statement made by the Minister of Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, who told reporters how "Clear and decisive News" would be made known "by the end of the month".

For his part, President Valcárcel has made no further comment since his announcement last week that "Corvera Airport will be operational by Easter 2014" .

Back in May, the Regional Government began a process to terminate the contract with the concession holder of the airport, Aeromur, due to their inability to make the facility operational.

Comment on this Story

Pedro never mentioned WHICH month though, did he? In any case, they're on holiday now until September...!!!
David - Fri, 2nd Aug 2013
Come on Pedro It's past the end of the month lets be hearing the "clear and decisive news"
Des Oneill - Thu, 1st Aug 2013
If it does not open soon all of the lovely equipment that has been installed and tested and then switched off will be unserviceable or out-of-date. This airport may be have been a good idea back in the boom years of 2003 / 2006; but now the Govt's of Murcia and Spain should call it a day and walk away. It will take years for a favourable financial situation to come back to Spain and to the Region; it will take more years for growth to begin to a point when an new airport could become viable. Until then MJV serves a purpose and seem to operates quite well as a joint - user airfield as does hundreds of other airports around the world.
Peter - Fri, 26th Jul 2013
1) The airspace for Corvera has not been agreed by the Military 2) The approach in one direction is fine. If the wind shifts and the approach has to be made from the opposite direction, the mountains are too dangerous. 3) The runway is too short for a fully loaded 747 (Jumbo) to take off safely. Boeing has a minimum requirement of 3.5Km. the runway at Corvera, is 3km. Do'h..!!
David - Wed, 24th Jul 2013
Check MjV flight stats today and every day 10 maybe 12 flights a day San Javier is just about sustainable Corvera ..... 3 million passengers a year ...a Joke My local English airport does 3 million a year that is 50 flights a day every day . This is going to be a money pit , un elephant blanco. It is in the wrong place for majority of travellers.and yes it is nearer my Spanish house but I would rather it was used for car boot sales and continue using San Javier
Des Oneill - Wed, 24th Jul 2013
Lucinda : After the ongoing debacle, we are only surprised that it is not on upside-down.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue, 23rd Jul 2013
Just an observation looking at the picture in the article, that directional sign mounted on posts really does look stupid on an open planned concourse.
Lucinda Castiles - Mon, 22nd Jul 2013
A Spanish 'soon' = A normal 'sometime before the next Millennium'.
David - Mon, 22nd Jul 2013
More stalling tactics !
Tyler - Mon, 22nd Jul 2013
Quote: “all being well”. LOL. Still confident and looking for that 'Beacon of Hope'.
David - Mon, 22nd Jul 2013
I've given up trying to disentangle this bizarre and convoluted saga. The pretext of ousting Aeromur for not opening the facility is a bit rich, considering that not all the permissions are in place for them to do so. This reeks of certain local politicians trying to cover their posteriors for the complete shambles (and huge debts) they have landed Murcia with; I can hardly believe the voters are fooled by this game of mirrors for one second.
Bill Cameron - Sun, 21st Jul 2013

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