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Paramount Murcia : Work unlikely to commence in September

Source: La Verdad - Sat 27th Jul 2013
Paramount Murcia : Work unlikely to commence in September

The Planning Department for the Regional Government of Murcia has said how Premursa has now awarded 70% of the contract for the construction of the the project.

However, Councilor Angel Canovas conceded that this made the September deadline previously "guaranteed" by Premursa very difficult.

"We estimate that by October or November we will be in a position to grant licenses to start these works, providing the necessary documentation is submitted"

The deadline for the submission of tender documents for various aspects of the project ends tomorrow, Sunday 28th July.

Contracts are expected to be awarded Mid-September, however for their part the Ayuntamiento of Alhama de Murcia has already said how they will not be issuing any licences until Q4 of 2013.

However, in a further twist the Regional Minister of Bullshit (Sorry, Tourism) Pedro Alberto Cruz, commented just yesterday how work "Could begin in September".

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Comment on this Story

No offence to Sara, but this is why Spain is in such a mess. Everything is mañana, and to keep pace with the world the Spanish need to get away from that. Paramount Murcia is contractually due to open in Summer 2015, by the time the developer pulls his finger out, he has lost 2 years on a 4 year project. Corvera will be the oldest looking new airport in history, if and when it opens. Investors turn away from Murcia, because deadlines come and go. Why should anyone believe the next date offered for the opening of Corvera ?
Lucinda Castiles - Tue, 30th Jul 2013
This is Spain, accept how it works and stop moaning!!
Sara - Mon, 29th Jul 2013
Congratulations Murcia ! - Yet another case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.
Robster - Sun, 28th Jul 2013

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