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Paramount “The Model” Coming Soon

Fri 2th Aug 2013
Paramount “The Model” Coming Soon

Regional Minister for Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz has announced that the model of the widely anticipated Paramount Theme Park will be unveiled in September.

Cruz said that Paramount Theme Park is the "most important project for the region and will be exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Murcia".

The park has been fraught with problems since its conception, mainly due to funding issues, but also environmental concerns and land purchase issues. Initially, the park was meant to cover a surface area of 1.5 million square meters, however bowing to pressure from environmentalists and following problems with acquiring sufficient land, the project was scaled back to satisfy all groups concerned.

Cruz said construction will begin in September with the installation of access roads, channelling and electrical infrastructure although no contractor has been formally appointed.

Premursa, the company behind the Paramount Theme park, led by Jesus Samper are studying tender bids for contracts this month. Amongst the companies involved are Dragados, Fomento de Construcciones y Contractors, OHL and Ferrovial.

Michael Bartok, executive vice president of Paramount Licensing was accompanied by Jesus Samper last week on a tour of the region who met with regional President, Ramón Luis Valcárcel. Together they visited the site where Paramount Murcia is set to be build followed by a visit to inspect the facilities at Corvera, anticipated to be the main international doorway into Paramount Theme Park Murcia.

Latest forecasts by the Institute of Tourism reveal Corvera Airport will double the number of passengers arriving in the Community.

Comment on this Story

Soon..!!?? Still OCTOBER..!!
David - Fri, 18th Oct 2013
I visit Corvera about 5 times per year and 4 out of 5 times I fly to Alicante instead of MJV. This is because there is better time schedules, double the number of flights and is usually a bit cheaper from Bristol. The drive to my apartment is only an extra 20 mins. If and when Corvera airport opens I predict that I shall use NO other airport providing the schedules are as good as ALC. I'm sure having talked to many neighbours that this is the case for most.
Steve Porter - Sat, 7th Sep 2013
Thanks Tumbit - I was directing my rant towards the Ministry of Tourism. I am also concerned about how vague the word "soon" is. Then again, even if a fixed date was given it wouldn't be worth much.
Simon Parker - Sat, 3rd Aug 2013
"Latest forecasts by the Institute of Tourism reveal Corvera Airport will double the number of passengers arriving in the Community" - Well given passenger numbers continue to fall at San Javier, even doubling the figures is well below the Regional Governments prediction of 3 million in the short to medium term they were anticipating at Corvera when/if it opened. "Cruz said that Paramount Theme Park is the “most important project for the region...." - Sounds like he has forgotten about Corvera already !
Lucinda Castiles - Fri, 2nd Aug 2013
@SimonParker - We did try to get hold of the exact figures, however they were not available at the time of publishing this article
Tumbit Admin - Fri, 2nd Aug 2013
A couple of Mini Buses would double the number of Tourists currently arriving in the community at certain times of the year... why not give us the figures instead of being so vague ?
Simon Parker - Fri, 2nd Aug 2013
Is this the very same Pedro who stated last week that “Clear and decisive news” would be made known “by the end of the month” about Corvera - and not a single, solitary word was heard.? Pedro needs to get his act together, doesn't he?
David - Fri, 2nd Aug 2013

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