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Corvera Airport : More Promises

Source: 20Minutos - Sun 18th Aug 2013
Corvera Airport : More Promises

The Regional President of Murcia, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, commented last week how the process to appoint a new concessionaire at Corvera International Airport is due to begin "Immediately", and that it will be finalised "Before the end of the year" in order that the facility will be fully operational "In the early months of 2014".

Upon being asked if Aeromur were to be considered as potential managers of the airport, President Valcarcel explained that "Providing they can resolve their issues, as the competition is open to all who qualify".

It can perhaps only be assumed that this new was the ‘Positive Statement' concerning Corvera Airport, which Murcia's Minister of Public Works and Planning, Antonio Sevilla, promised last month.

Further Reading :

Positive Statement about Corvera Airport to be made "Soon"

Comment on this Story

.....due to begin “Immediately” - it either begins 'immediately', or it doesn't..! There is no 'Due to' about it.
David - Tue, 20th Aug 2013
I guess this statement buys more time, the Government can keeping saying it will be finalised "Before the end of the year" until they realise they have just greeted everyone with "Happy New Year" and missed the deadline, again. Interesting comment about Aeromur as well.
Lucinda Castiles - Mon, 19th Aug 2013
Bill : Apologies if we were slow in verifying your earlier post this afternoon (It was never removed). Also, we only requested the link to your blog for the benefit of our visitors inc the event that they may like to read your insights on current affairs in Murcia.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon, 19th Aug 2013
.. also you already follow me on Twitter, as do I you (links to either of my blogs are included there whenever I write a blog article in one of them). I see the other short comment I posted in response to your message has now been removed, too. Why do you not include link attributions to articles you write, nor do you seem to include links to any blogs other than earlier articles you have written yourself?
Bill Cameron - Mon, 19th Aug 2013
Well, I note you have removed my second post this afternoon, in which I included the link to the newspaper article I referred to the later article I had read, so I rather think I won't bother, if you don't mind ;). To find various links for me simply Google my name if you are interested.
Bill Cameron - Mon, 19th Aug 2013
This is the article I was referring to, in case it is of interest:
Bill Cameron - Mon, 19th Aug 2013
Apparently Valcarcel also hinted that he was not against returning to a career in Teaching ! - Come on Bill, don't keep it to yourself ... where's the link to this Blog of yours ?...
Tumbit - Admin - Mon, 19th Aug 2013
Yes, I wrote about this in my blog last week. A later article I read, but have not blogged about, relates to Valcarel planning to 'decamp' to Brussels next Spring (March was mentioned) when he stands down as Regional President.
Bill Cameron - Mon, 19th Aug 2013
What a Joke ! What makes Valcarcel so confident that Corvera will be operational by early next year when he doesn't even know who will be Operating it yet ?
S Shaw - Mon, 19th Aug 2013

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