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La Tomatina 2013 Bunol Hailed a Success

Wed 28th Aug 2013
La Tomatina 2013 Bunol Hailed a Success

The 68th annual ‘La Tomatina' tomato fight in the small Valencia town of Buñol has been hailed a success by organisers despite the vastly reduced number of participants.

Traditionally a local fiesta, La Tomatina has gained worldwide acclaim and draws in tourists from around the globe.

Legend has it that ‘La Tomatina' began after a fight between neighbours during the annual ‘Giants' parade. A group of youths who were denied access to the parade began arguing with organisers next to a vegetable patch which provided ample ammunition in the form of tomatoes.

In 2012, it was estimated that more than 65,000 people descended on the town to participate in the famous tomato fight.

However, citing concerns over safety and the huge cost of more than €140,000 to stage the event, officials decided to make La Tomatina a ticket only event from 2013 in an effort to keep participants to a much safer and manageable level.

Buñol Town Hall allegedly has a deficit of €4.1 million.

Starting at 11am and lasting an hour, this year's event involved around 20,000 participants with tickets, which went on sale earlier this year for €13 each, and 140 tonnes of squishy tomatoes resulting in rivers of tomato juice in the streets and tomato plastered buildings.

According to the online edition of The Mirror, Australians snapped up the most tickets buying 19.2% closely followed by the Japanese buying 17.9%. Brits bought 11.2% of tickets whilst 7.8% and 7.5% went to other Spaniards and Americans respectively.

To read more about ' La Tomatina ' click here ...

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