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There's only one Gareth Bale

Mon 2th Sep 2013
There's only one Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale : The former Tottenham Hotspur - and now Real Madrid - Football Player has broken all former record in his transfer to the Spanish side for the sum of 100 Million (86 Million).

A lot of money for what is basically kicking a ball across a pitch, and money that Spain - in the grip of it worst recession in living memory - could possibly spend on better things.

So what could 100 Million mean to Spain if spent elsewhere?

* The Santiago de Compostela Train crash : It was recently reported how the Government was considering making compensation payments of 1 Million for each fatality, and 'up to' 146'000 per injury (depending upon severity).

1 x Gareth Bale = Compensation for all 79 Fatalities & 143 Injuries

* Hospitals : The Provincial High Court of Madrid recently ruled that any party interested in bidding to operate the city's soon-to-be privatised Hospitals must come up with a 5% guarantee.

1 x Gareth Bale = 4 x Guarantees

* Spain's trade deficit : Despite falling from a whopping 2.2 Billion the year before, and Standing at 106 Million at the end of June.

1 x Gareth Bale = 94% of Spain's trade deficit.

* Airports : Ok, so we have plenty of ammo here as far as Spanish airports are concerned :

1 x Gareth Bale = 100% of Ciudad Real Airport - recently put up for sale at 100 Million

1 x Gareth Bale = 51% of 197.2 Million loan repayment for Corvera International Airport.

1 x Gareth Bale = 78% of the 128 Million reported to have cost the Valencian taxpayer for the construction and 'ahem' operation of Castellon airport.

* Iberia Airlines :Financial losses of 98 Million in 2011/12 widened to 358 Million in 2012/2013.

1 x Gareth Bale = 28% of Iberia losses.

* The CEO of said above airline. When 'asked to leave' the airline he was entitled to a 'Golden Parachute' payment.

1 x Gareth Bale = 60 Rafael Sanchez-Lozanos'

Comment on this Story

AND a salary of EU 350'000 per year, if reports are to be believed !!!
Paul Coulson - Mon, 16th Sep 2013

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