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Spain offers support to Argentina over Falklands claim

Sat 7th Sep 2013
Spain offers support to Argentina over Falklands claim

In yet another act of defiance, Spain's Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, has spoken of how "Argentina can count on Spain's support to regain the Falkland Islands".

The Minister was speaking during a visit to South America, where he used the opportunity to gather support for Spain's ongoing quest to take sovereignty of Gibraltar away from the UK.

"The similarities are enormous," Mr Garcia-Margallo said from Montevideo, Uruguay adding that both Gibraltar and Falklands were in need of "decolonisation."

Britain has taken a similar stance on the subject of both Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands - that the people themselves have opted to remain under the British flag, and as such the Government of the UK will honour that decision.

Whilst Garcia-Margallo was quick to see parallels with Argentia's attempts to wrest the Falklands from the UK, strangely he neglected to mention the similarities in Moroccoo's attempts to regain the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

That's before we get onto the subject of why he is offering to support a country who stole Repsol from Spain.

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Comment on this Story

They just don´t get it do they-not doing themselves any favors-i´m not patriot to England but somethings are self evident - the falklands belong to the people that live there- and if they want to remain under Britain why should´nt they- Spain has a history of mis-management- the latest one being a candidature for the olympics-how embarrassing was that? Argentina is rich in resources- but its third world country-themajority of the people are piss-poor not- exactly the future with two countries are they.
Adrian Harvey - Sun, 15th Sep 2013
Sick to death of the peasant mentality of the Spanish beauracrats. Gibraltar is UK, Falklands is uk, as is Cueta Spain. People have died for this. To even consider giving up sovereignty is like peeing on the graves of all who have fought along the way. RIP all our brave children who have given their lives to protect their country and their heritage xx
Yvonne - Fri, 13th Sep 2013

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