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San Javier Closure for Corvera "Makes Sense" : AENA

Source: El Pais - Mon 7th Oct 2013
San Javier Closure for Corvera 'Makes Sense' : AENA

President of AENA, Jose Manuel Vargas Gomez, has told the Senate Budgetary Committee of his support for civilian flights to cease at Murcia's San Javier Airport, due to it's proximity to Corvera Airport.

Vargas-Gomez commented how "it makes sense", especially now that the future management of the newer facility has been clarified.

During his appearance before the Congressional Development Commission to present AENA budgets, Vargas-Gomez stressed that AENA must be compensated for the closure of San Javier airport, and the employment rights of workers at the airport must be guaranteed to ensure a smooth passage to the operation of Corvera.

"Subject to this compliance, we will work with Corvera until it is operational", he commented.

The President dodged questions as to whether AENA would be the next manager of the airport, saying instead how this would depend upon the public tender process, and the conditions which must be clarified for the closure of the existing contract with the current service providers, Aeromur.

Vargas-Gomez neither confirmed or denied the announcement made last week by Murcia's President Valcarcel that the region would not be liable for any compensation payments made to AENA for their withdrawal from San Javier airport.

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Comment on this Story

Why shut Murcia airport when all that money was spent on the new runway & the airport has been updated ? My wife & l & many of our friends will not go to Covera - we will all go to Alicante airport.
Roger Horwood - Thu, 11th Jun 2015
It does "make sense", but does it make financial sense to open Corvera ? As with the problems that haunted the construction of Corvera, very few people apparently seem willing to now address the financial issues probably due to the sensitivity of those its likely to become a burden for, the taxpayers.
Lucinda Castiles - Tue, 8th Oct 2013

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