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Murcia "Has 2 Airports, 2 Mln Passengers"

Source: La Opinion de Murcia - Wed 16th Oct 2013
Murcia 'Has 2 Airports, 2 Mln Passengers'

The City of Murcia's Department of Tourism has released a promotional video for the city, which states that the Region has 2 airports that welcome around about 2 million passengers to the region each year.

The 3-minute clip, which can be seen on the official Facebook page, and on also uses the image of Corvera Airport to illustrate their point.

The digital image shows an impression of the airport, with the words "Murcia" emblazoned across the runway.

Curiously though, the original video appears to have been tweaked over the last few hours so that the mention of the original "Two Airports" has been edited, however the promotions still clearly maintains 2 Million Passengers arriving in the region each year.

The campaign also features a video in English, with the same pictures, posted on Facebook and YouTube.

According to spokesman for the Association of Members of Congress, Jesus Pacheco, the message of the clip is in no way misleading, and is simply referring to the 2 airports of Alicante and San Javier (No mention then. of why they used the image of Corvera ?)

Pacheco also swept aside criticisms that the video was unrepresentative, saying that it was just intended to "give a feeling" of the region.

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Comment on this Story

No statement from the regional government on the matter ? Maybe they are too embarrassed to acknowledge it ? They ought to be !
Tyler - Thu, 17th Oct 2013
Strange, an article claiming tourism figures through the "2" Murcian airports is actually meaning the one functioning murcian airport, San Javier and other refers to the Valencian Alicante airport, not the Corvera "closed" airport they picture? Strange claim, but then, it's Spain
Carl - Wed, 16th Oct 2013
Jesus Pacheco, as spokeman for the Association of Members of Congress, you should know that Alicante Airport is NOT in Murcia!! Clearly you were employed through Nepotism rather than taking the relevant exams! The video clearly states 'Murcia has TWO airports' How can this refer to Alicante! I digress...
Ed Bishop - Wed, 16th Oct 2013
... and I think we all know what "the feeling" of the region is ...
Robster - Wed, 16th Oct 2013

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