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Spain to Offer Citizenship to Muslim - Catholic Converts

Source: World Bulletin - Mon 28th Oct 2013
Spain to Offer Citizenship to Muslim - Catholic Converts has reported claims that Spain is considering granting citizenship to Muslims who convert to Christianity - a practice last employed during the Spanish Inquisition.

Spanish website ETC Noticias quoted the president of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (SEC) and Minister of Justice Alberto Ruiz Gallardón have reportedly said how the conversion must be authorized by representative of the Catholic Church, and take place in a recognised Church.

According to reports, converts must also pay a fee of €60, of which €5 will be for the Spanish State and the remaining €55 for the Church.

The Spanish Episcopal Conference (SEC) is an administrative institution composing of bishops from all over Spain.

Muslims currently make up 3% of the Spanish population - totaling 1.4 million residents.

However, the state has concerns over the number of Muslims living illegally in Spain - something that has been heightened over recent months with the increase in the number of attempts being made by Africans attempting to cross the straights of Gibraltar, or to the Canary Islands by makeshift boats.

Comment on this Story

This is laughable ! : The inference is that they are cracking down on illegals by simply making them legal. It is nothing more than an amnesty.
Robster - Tue, 29th Oct 2013
Why would anyone want to leave the Religion of Peace - of course, it isn't quite, is it? Mr Grumpy - Since when has being discriminatory ever bothered Spain?
David - Tue, 29th Oct 2013
Isn't this measure Discriminatory ? - If Muslims are offered this incentive, why not Anglicans, Jews, Hindus etc... ?
Mr Grumpy - Tue, 29th Oct 2013
Why would they want to leave the religion of love when the punishment for leaving the religion of love is death ?
Pat - Mon, 28th Oct 2013

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