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Ryanair 2014 Charity Calendar Preview

Source: O0maf6c0zdw - Tue 29th Oct 2013
Ryanair 2014 Charity Calendar Preview

Ryanair's 2014 charity calendar preview on Youtube has counted more than 500'000 views since it's launch just 7 days ago.

Arguably the most controversial airlines flying to and from Spain, Ryanair have once again decided to use their prominence to aid charitable donations - with the proceeds from sales of the 2014 calendar going towards the UK's Teenage Cancer Trust.

Love them or hate them, the airline has raised over 600'000 for various charities since 2008, with a further 100'000 plus predicted this year.

Perhaps it is a notable, and not entirely unexpected nod to the age we are living in, but it seems not everybody is prepared to give Ryanair a begrudging pat on the back over this one. Last year the Provincial Association of Housewives and Consumers of Valencia branded the 2013 Calendar "Sexist and Exploitative" and went as far as taking legal action against the airline over their charitable actions.

It was never actually reported what the legal costs of doing so were, or who eventually footed the bill.

The Association has so far remained silent on this year's offering.

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Comment on this Story

Maybe had the calendar showed pictures of semi-naked members of One Direction, the 12 & 13 yo's reaction would have been totally different.!
David - Fri, 8th Nov 2013
Margaret : Yeah, how can the cabin crew stoop so low to degrade themselves for the lowly, worthless cause of raising 100'000 for Teenage Cancer charities. They must be really ashamed of themselves. I dare also say that not too many men buy calendars of David Beckham or Peter Andre (who are often in similar states of undress), yet they don't seem to sell too badly...
Mr Grumpy - Thu, 7th Nov 2013
I recently travelled Ryanair to London with my daughter and her friend age 12 and 13. The girls were shocked at the tackiness of this calender. One asked if the hostesses were up for sale. The other stated "I bet not too many women are buying it". As they say "from the mouths of babes ..........."
Margaret Haugh - Thu, 7th Nov 2013
It makes you the same as 99.9% of the rest of the population, Ed : Glad to see Ryanair give something back, and prepared to cut them a bit of slack in exchange for such a good cause getting a leg up. These do-gooders should be ashamed of themselves.
Old Timer - Wed, 30th Oct 2013
I don't see the problem... Does that make be biased or sexist?
Ed Bishop - Tue, 29th Oct 2013

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