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€30k fines for "Offences against Spain"

Source: El Pais - Fri 29th Nov 2013
€30k fines for 'Offences against Spain'

People convicted for "offenses against Spain" could be fined up to €30,000 under the terms of the proposed Citizens Safety Law, Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz said Friday.

The bill, which will be sent to Congress and is expected to become law at the beginning of next year, was approved by the Cabinet at its weekly meeting. The proposal has come under severe attack by the opposition and social organizations which claim that the conservative Partido Popular (PP) government wants to make public protests a criminal offence.

"Offenses against Spain" include any public acts, such as shouting or carrying placards "that are harmful or abusive of Spain or any region" during a protest or demonstration, Fernández said.

Fines have also been fixed for picketers in a strike who prevent others from going to their jobs and people who prevent judicial officers from carrying out evictions.

Greenpeace announced in a statement that it will begin a public awareness campaign to ensure that Spaniards raise their voices against the bill. "With this legal reform, the government is breaking the rules of play in a democracy," said Greenpeace España spokeswoman Sara del Río.

The minister acknowledged that the criticism to the proposed law prompted the government to drop the amounts of fines that were included in the previous draft bill. At first, the measure called for fines of up to €30,000 against those who take part in outside drinking parties that disturb the peace and €600,000 for those who organize demonstrations without a permit. Fines for those crimes have been dropped to €1,000 and €30,000 respectively.

Comment on this Story

I assume they want another civil war ? & why do they keep using 'royal decree's' to put through legislation ? Is it to avoid debate & possibility of some on there own side voting with the opposition ?
Gus-lopez - Sat, 30th Nov 2013

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