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Fraudulent Valencia oranges and mandarins

Source: - Mon 2th Dec 2013
Fraudulent Valencia oranges and mandarins

The Unió de Llauradors (Growers' Association) has reported the existence of batches of oranges and mandarins labelled as "Valencian" on the shelves of some supermarkets.

The Association points out that this is "completely impossible" due to the harvesting schedule, and uses the Ortanique variety as an example, about which it indicates that its softness and lack of peduncle "leads us to think that they come from another country."

The usual harvesting period for this variety is between late February and early May, in the best case scenario, according to Valencia's Institute for Agricultural Research (IVIA).

In addition to not meeting the labeling requirements about the product's origin, it is stressed how they present clear shortcomings in their 'organoleptic qualities' which make them unsuitable for marketing, as well as their high retail prices.

Another case of oranges not meeting the proper labeling criteria is that of "Lane Late/Valencia Late", also labelled as Valencian produce.

"None of these two varieties should be on the shelves yet with the Valencian label, as due to the harvesting calendar, they are still likely to be from the Southern Hemisphere," they concluded.

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