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Delays due to increased security at Barajas airport

Mon 28th Dec 2009

Security at Barajas airport in Madrid has been increased significantly for all passengers travelling to the USA following an attempted suicide bombing on a flight on Christmas day.

Additional security checks have been set up at the departure gates for flights destined for the United States, and extra security staff have been brought in which has caused delays in departure of up to an hour.

Safety measures that were initially introduced in November of 2006 to restrict the carrying of liquids on board transatlantic flights have also been reactivated.

The changes mean that makeup, face-cream and hair mousse are now being included in the 1 litre liquid amount allowed for hand-luggage, which needs to be held in individual bottles of 100ml or less.

A flight bound for Detroit (USA) from Lagos (Nigeria) via Amsterdam's Schipol airport was the target of a thwarted terrorist attack when a suicide bomber used an un-named liquid explosive concealed in his trousers. Fortunately the devise did not detonate and the resulting flames were seen and extinguished quickly, causing little more than burns to the suspect's legs but doubtlessly saving the lives of the passengers on board.

It is believed that the suspect had recently graduated from University College London, but had been denied a visa to re-enter the UK due to his not conforming to immigration regulations.

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