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Murcia to operate both San Javier AND Corvera until 2016

Source: La Verdad - Sun 6th Jul 2014
Murcia to operate both San Javier AND Corvera until 2016

The Region of Murcia will see two airports in operation between 2014 and 2016.

Minister of Development Manuel Campos told the regional assembly last week how Corvera Airport will be opened before the end of 2014, however San Javier airport can not be closed before the end of 2016.

According to Campos, the smaller and older airport will not be closed sooner as the Spanish Airports Authority - AENA - will be required to operate the facility until such a time in order to justify the EU funding they received for development of the airport - specifically the EU25 Mln runway extension - in 2011.

Meanwhile, the decision by the European Commission to permit the opening of Corvera airport is due to be made later in July, with the legalities of the EU177 Mln loan guarantee by the regional government being under scrutiny.

EC approval of the loan guarantee would essentially allow the concession holder of Corvera airport, Aeromur, to guarantee their repayments between 2014 and 2023, and with a commitment to make repayments up to 2050 with an interest rate of 4.87%.

None of the major airlines currently flying into San Javier Airport have made any reference to when - or if - they will transfer operations to Corvera Airport.

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Comment on this Story

Simple (In theory) open Corvera in conjunction with Paramount theme park, leave San Javier open too, that way im sure this would create the influx of people required to suceed.
Subby - Fri, 28th Nov 2014
The big figures for Corvera visitors are mainly based on tourism projections if the Theme Park opens. I feel, (personally), open Corvera for the Theme Park and non-coastal holiday makers and continue to run MJV for the Mar Menor coastline holiday makers (and others). Keeping it "generally" like that with the 2 running alongside each other would make the MJV experience as relaxed as it is now without the hustle and bustle of an International airport feeding the theme park with the "projected millions" of tourists.
Carl - Thu, 17th Jul 2014
Ha Ha.! Does that mean double the staff or only half the staff at each - or do they play Musical Chairs when the Aircraft stop? Has anyone told the Airlines yet as to which one they will be operating out of? So many questions - so few answers.!
David - Sun, 6th Jul 2014

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