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Paramount Murcia receives approval for next phase of construction

Sun 13th Jul 2014
Paramount Murcia receives approval for next phase of construction

The Paramount Pictures theme park project has moved forwards following the approval of the second phase of the 'special management plan' by the Ayuntamiento of Alhama de Murcia last week.

The granting of this license permits Premusa - the promoters and developers of the facility - to move forward with the next phase of construction, expected to take place later this month.

Premursa have been given 20 days to release full details of the construction work to be undertaken, and for members of the public to raise any objections to this phase of the project, which concerns 223,918 sq mts of the park, to be used for the Hotels and car parking, and is expected to cost 3,014,984 Euros.

Last week saw news that Premursa had succeeded in obtaining funding from the Regional Incentives board of the EU to the sum of 17Mln Euros, which is expected to keep the facility on schedule for the planned opening in early 2015.

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Comment on this Story

It would seem to me that it is the Spanish Government and NOT the Spanish people that is at fault here. I really feel so sorry for the Spanish people that have to have to suffer this kind of crap thrown out to them by their electorates... but this is Spain. My question is this: Spain!! are you a 1st, 2nd or 3rd world country? Corruption at the foremost? You seem to behave as the latter.... .
Ken - Mon, 14th Jul 2014
Dan, at least they are being consistent with every other Spanish Infrastructure project in recent years : over promise and under deliver, with a constantly sliding deadline.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon, 14th Jul 2014
You have to laugh. Planned opening early 2015. Thats 25 weeks away
Dan - Mon, 14th Jul 2014
Why is it that every time a license is issued members of the public have a chance to raise objections to the phase of the project. All it takes is one person to object and we are back at square one. No wonder its taken 3 years and nothing to show for it yet.
Dan - Mon, 14th Jul 2014

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