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Murcia's San Javier Airport opens new shops : Why ?

Sat 19th Jul 2014
Murcia's San Javier Airport opens new shops : Why ?

In a move that seemingly defies all logic, Murcia's San Javier Airport has extended it's number of retail outlets.

This move comes in spite of recent claims that the region's neighboring Corvera International Airport will open later this year.

The first of the two new shops, both located in the boarding areas, are reported to be a 58sq mt facility leased to Marga - a shoe and accessories outlet, with the second being 4sq mt costume jewelry stand.

Whilst news last month suggested that both San Javier and Corvera Airports could operate simultaneously until 2016, the act of increasing activity at San Javier during this time seems questionable at best.

Or is there something we are not being told ?

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Comment on this Story

Compensation paid by whom?
Elaine Smith - Tue, 22nd Jul 2014
Simple : the greater the level of activity at San Javier (retail included), the more AENA will be paid out in compensation upon closure. What else would you expect from such an honest, transparent and efficient government ?
Tyler - Sun, 20th Jul 2014

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